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A breach, a complaint and how we helped John Edwards
9 March 2015

complaint edit

Late last year, one of my senior investigating officers came to me with a file she’d been working on for quite a while. She was convinced the facts supported a finding of an “interference with privacy”, that is, a breach of the privacy principles, that had caused harm to the complainant. She’d tried to reach a settlement, but the parties were too far apart.

The Washington post John Edwards
4 March 2015

washington edit

I’m in Washington DC to talk privacy, or data privacy, or data protection, or however else this growing international preoccupation is described in different jurisdictions, sectors and economies.

Record damages awarded for cake photo breach Charles Mabbett
2 March 2015


It began with a photo shared privately among friends and set in motion events that resulted in a precedent setting award for damages for a privacy breach.

What do we lose if we lose our privacy? Becci Whitton
27 February 2015

1984 title image

Privacy is important. Privacy is not just about hiding things; it’s fundamentally about having control over who the world thinks you are. Loss of privacy can result in very real harm to individuals, ranging from embarrassment to identity theft.

Updating APEC’s Privacy Framework Blair Stewart
24 February 2015

APEC Privacy Framework edit

APEC recently moved one step closer towards the goal of updating its privacy framework in time to mark the 10th anniversary of the framework’s adoption in 2005.

Sharing information about death and taxes Neil Sanson
23 February 2015

headstone edit

When people die, there is a lot to deal with. Apart from dealing with the loss of a family member or friend, there is all the administrative effort in telling every club, association, business and government agency to stop sending mail.

Privacy in 2015: timing is everything Joy Liddicoat
10 February 2015

JJLiddicoat edit

The Internet of Things, drones, dash cams, credit reporting, and care before you share images - it’s been a fast start to privacy in 2015. This is a critical time for those working to protect and promote privacy: human rights defenders, privacy organisations, public sector agencies, the private sector, the technical community and many more.

Sharing images and not caring Charles Mabbett
3 February 2015

window edit

We can all be paparazzi now but that doesn’t mean we should be. That’s no consolation at all to two office workers who were photographed and filmed having sex in a Christchurch office by nearby bar patrons.