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Hand it over or face the music Sarah Thompson
11 December 2014

robin hood edit

Over the last few months we’ve talked about how our Office is trying to provide more effective and efficient responses when we investigate complaints by taking a practical approach to dispute resolution -  including trying to talk with people more and calling compulsory conferences where appropriate.

Here be dragons Tim Henwood
10 December 2014


The Office of the Privacy Commissioner wants to get in front of the looming tech trends, from wearable devices to AI to drones. But is that the best approach? Following a series of tech-related privacy workshops, the OPC is having second thoughts - maybe it's time to take a step back and tackle a few basics? In this post for IITP's Techblog, our Policy and Technology Team Policy Adviser, Tim Henwood, takes a look at our current thinking.

News media, new media, who’s media? Daimhin Warner
8 December 2014

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We’ve been grappling with a difficult question recently, and one that’s featured in New Zealand’s courts too. What is and isn’t news media and when should the Privacy Act apply?

Guest post: Leading privacy across the state sector Russell Burnard - Government Chief Privacy Officer
4 December 2014

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Over the past few months, I have visited over 40 government agencies to talk about privacy. In many cases I’ve been impressed by the depth of knowledge that exists across the sector on this topic, although there is still much work to be done.

Solicitor's lien and the Privacy Act Dana George
26 November 2014

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We get it. As a lawyer, one of the least fun things about your job is chasing the money. Sometimes people just don’t cough up for the service you provide.

Prospecting for privacy gold in Australia Riki Jamieson-Smyth
24 November 2014

Alasdair Wallace You and all your Friends

A few of us were fortunate enough to join our privacy colleagues last week at the International Association of Privacy Professionals Australia New Zealand Summit (iappANZ) in Sydney. It is an annual forum for privacy professionals from around Australasia, and this year featured speakers from United States, Japan, Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Some observations on surveillance Blair Stewart
20 November 2014

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Surveillance and privacy is a heady mix. So much has been happening in that space before and since Edward Snowden’s revelations that it can be hard to keep track of the twists and turns and to see the big picture of the issues.

Sharing information to protect vulnerable children Charles Mabbett
18 November 2014

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Sharing information about an individual is often essential to their health, safety and wellbeing. We all have a responsibility to make our communities safe and inclusive, especially for vulnerable people such as children. Part of that responsibility is to try and raise the alarm if we see signs of abuse or neglect.