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Recent lessons on CCTV use from the Tribunal Katrine Evans
17 October 2014

video recording edit

A recent Human Rights Review Tribunal case has attracted some attention as a result of its colourful facts – bad feelings between previously friendly neighbours, allegations about vandalism, and a compensation bill of $7000.

Calling all privacy professionals JLB
9 October 2014


Are you a practising privacy specialist who provides consultancy services, legal advice or training in privacy? Or perhaps you are a privacy commentator and advocate?  

Privacy officers and multiplying the power of one Daimhin Warner
8 October 2014

private parking edit

Privacy officers are extremely important. The Privacy Act requires every agency to have one. Most agencies do have one. But, that’s just the problem - only one. Being a privacy officer can be a lonely job, but the issues every privacy officer faces are often similar.

Knowing the unknown unknowns Tim Henwood
22 September 2014

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When you’re designing an IT system, you don’t necessarily know where the vulnerabilities are. That’s why you need to carry out some solid risk assessment as part of the design process. That’s why you pen test before it rolls out.

Privacy Commissioner's role in oversight of GCSB John Edwards
17 September 2014

microscope edit

The current controversy about the activities of the Government Security Communications Bureau (GCSB) is inescapably about privacy. As such I, like my colleague the Inspector-General of Security and Intelligence, want to outline my role.

Is it wrong to send personal emails to work addresses? Charles Mabbett
15 September 2014

Change outlook setting

Is it acceptable for a lawyer acting for a client to send a very private communication to a work email address of the other party?

Can 'big data' be principled? Blair Stewart
8 September 2014

big data 2

Some privacy commentators consider ‘big data’ to be a newspeak phrase that attempts to repackage older familiar terms like ‘personal information’ in a way that reframes the concept and limits the way people think about the privacy issues. 

Yaris or Jazz? Choosing a web analytics tool JLB
5 September 2014


I had to buy a car for the teenager. OK, I didn’t have to but I wanted to. He could have bought himself a bomb but mother didn’t fancy the loss of sleep. It had to be something small and zippy (but not too zippy), and safe (like a zillion air bags safe).