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Priv-o-matic wins NZ Open Source Award Sam Grover
28 October 2016

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It’s nice to be recognised, and this week we were pleased to win the People’s Choice Award from the NZ Open Source Awards.

Actually we were first equal, sharing the award with Brent Wood for his services to geospatial open source in New Zealand.

We won the award for Priv-o-Matic, an online tool we created to assist small to medium sized businesses to generate basic privacy statements. They can then use these statements to tell their customers how they are collecting, using and disclosing their customers’ information. The tool is quick and easy to use, and saves businesses the hassle and worry that can come from trying to create a privacy statement from scratch.  

The design and creation of Priv-o-matic was led by our former staff member, Tim Henwood, with assistance from local technology company Rabid. Thanks Tim and Rabid!

Priv-o-matic was a “first” for us in a couple of ways. It was the first tool we launched as part of our technology strategy to make privacy easy for small and medium sized businesses. We’ve since gone on to launch other online tools that also support that strategy such as AboutMe and AskUs.

Priv-o-matic was also our first open source project. Our website is built using the SilverStripe open source content management system and is hosted on the Common Web Platform for public websites. Priv-o-matic, however, was the first tool we built as an open source project.  We have historically made our content available via Creative Commons licences, so we saw open source software licensing as a natural progression when we moved into web applications.

As a public agency, we support open source as a technology solution that can help return taxpayer investments in technology to the community we serve. Re-inventing the wheel wastes resources, whether public or private. We support the collaboration that open source enables across sectors, industries and talent to design and share effective solutions that can work to the benefit of all. 

It was great to have our support recognised by the People’s Choice Award! 





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