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Viewing entries tagged with 'Google'

The music of privacy John Edwards
23 January 2015

music edit

Our work doesn’t have to all be hard slog - especially at this time of the year, and nor do our blog posts. I thought I’d take a lead from Public Address and give a Friday post over to music that can loosely be linked to a privacy theme.

Google app store changes Tim Henwood
4 July 2014

app broom edit

Google Play recently made a change to the way it handles permissions when you download a new app. Permissions, in app speak, show you what parts of your Android phone the app will have access to. Whether it’s data - like your phone numbers; or hardware - like being able to play sound through your speakers, or access your GPS location, these permissions are generally necessary to help the app run.

A right to be forgotten for New Zealand? John Edwards
1 July 2014

Right to be forgotten image edit 4

The biggest thing in the privacy world just now seems to have exploded into the collective consciousness out of nowhere. For those of you with TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) syndrome, here’s the spoiler. The issue is not as clear cut as you might think. I’d like to hear a range of views about how we should approach this in New Zealand.