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Viewing entries tagged with 'Harmful Digital Communications'

Tackling revenge porn Hayley Forrest
15 April 2016


Like all 90’s kids, my worst nightmare used to be that I’d forget to save my level progress in Zool. It’s safe to say that my perception has changed since then.

Being ‘highly offensive’ Annabel Fordham
21 October 2015


What do you get when you gather members of the public to discuss and debate highly offensive material? We did exactly that the other week, and the end result was a good helping of common sense.

Closing revenge porn loopholes Sam Grover
9 July 2015

HDCA image

When Cardiff man Clayton Kennedy posted an intimate photo of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook, he probably wasn’t thinking about the legalities of his situation. If he had, he (hopefully) would have thought twice, because this week he was given the dubious honour of being the first person to be sentenced under Britain’s new “revenge porn” laws.

Sharing images and not caring Charles Mabbett
3 February 2015

window edit

We can all be paparazzi now but that doesn’t mean we should be. That’s no consolation at all to two office workers who were photographed and filmed having sex in a Christchurch office by nearby bar patrons. 

Dear Peta John Edwards
3 June 2014


I enjoy reading Peta Mathias’ weekly advice column. Her advice is practical, pragmatic and witty on subjects ranging from moving on after a relationship to getting cling wrap to adhere to pottery.