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Viewing entries tagged with 'Internet of Things'

What we learned at NetHui OPC staff
23 November 2017


NetHui, the website says, brings together everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the internet. It's not a conference and speakers don't talk at you all day. Instead, Internet NZ’s gathering of technologists, humanitarians, educationalists and philosophers is designed “for the community, by the community”.

The Internet of Toys Tim Henwood
11 December 2015


While our fridges, toasters and socks are learning how to talk to each other, so is Barbie. While governments are finding new ways to watch what we do, how we interact and how we talk to each other, so is Barbie. And on Christmas day, while we are listening to our children run in squealing, excited circles, so will Barbie.

NetHui and the Internet of Things Tim Henwood
21 July 2015

Nethui white

The Internet of Things presents the internet-connected world with boundless possibility, but it also presents risks that we haven’t even considered yet. A recent Guardian article included the quote: “The scariest thing is that we don’t know what the scariest thing is”.