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Do you really need that information? Shaun Ritchie
7 February 2018


Knowledge is power – a cliché, sure, but for a reason. As an agency, the more you know about your clients, the more effective your service can be. It makes sense to gather as much information as possible about the people you interact with. So why wouldn’t you?

Me and AboutMe Nicole Walker
17 March 2017


I recently received a bill from a local authority relating to work carried out on my property before I bought it. I was not responsible for the bill and I had challenged it successfully on three previous occasions. But it kept coming back. 

Blind transparency Neil Sanson
13 September 2016


If you have other people’s personal information, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. There are many reasons why you need to keep that information secure. Here’s one recent example of how careless disclosure can put people at risk.

Tribunal dismisses $100,000 damages claim Charles Mabbett
18 September 2015


A complainant seeking $100,000 in damages for Westpac’s disclosure of a debit card statement to his employer has had his case dismissed by the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

Managing disclosure when faced with closure Charles Mabbett
29 May 2015

RA 2

What happens to personal information when an organisation closes down? One thing is certain. Don’t follow the example of a doctor who, when closing his surgery to retire, attempted to bury his patient notes on a beach. The tides and the wind had other plans and scattered the files along the beach for all to see.

Your notes, they were blowin’ in the wind Daimhin Warner
5 June 2014

briefcase edit 4

Would you stuff your wheelie bin with letters from your GP, bank statements, your latest pay review notice? Surely not. Who knows where it would end up, if indeed it made it off the street.