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How to make information available – some tips for agencies Lynley Cahill
4 April 2017

Information centre malaysia

We live in an age where agencies collect and hold a lot of information about us. When we then request access to that information, this places demands on the time and resources of agencies to meet their obligations under the Privacy Act. Agencies sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed when responding to requests for personal information -  especially where a high volume of information is held.

Me and AboutMe Nicole Walker
17 March 2017


I recently received a bill from a local authority relating to work carried out on my property before I bought it. I was not responsible for the bill and I had challenged it successfully on three previous occasions. But it kept coming back. 

Having access to security camera footage Charles Mabbett
24 January 2017

camera shot

Choose your referees wisely Richard Stephen
20 October 2016


Applying for a job can be a nerve-wracking ordeal and, more likely than not, it ends in disappointment. It can be devastating to miss out on that dream job and not knowing why you missed out can be incredibly frustrating.

ACC withheld information from chiropractor about investigation Charles Mabbett
4 October 2016


A chiropractor being investigated by ACC made numerous requests for information about the investigation. When ACC withheld some of the information, he complained to the Privacy Commissioner, and then took his case to the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

Health info: The right to know made easy Marilyn Andrew
31 May 2016

Dont Hide Your Shame Paul Holmes

Mrs Patel was outraged. She’d visited her GP for a follow-up check after her hand surgery, and he’d asked her about her history of depression. She didn’t think she’d had anything of the sort, and decided to ask the receptionist for a copy of all her medical notes to see what else was in there. The young receptionist assured her that the doctor owned the notes so she couldn’t have them. 

Going undercover to check out credit reporters Vanya Vida
27 May 2016

Ask for your information cropped

There are three main credit reporting agencies in New Zealand: Centrix, Veda and Dun & Bradstreet. According to Veda, a thousand people a year challenge the information held in their credit files. This is a right people have under the Privacy Act – to see information agencies hold about them, and request a correction if it’s wrong.

$15,000 award shows need to follow workplace policy Charles Mabbett
17 August 2015

medical privacy

People have a right to access information about themselves. When workplace policies reinforce this right, it is risky to deviate from them. This was recently underlined in a Human Rights Review Tribunal decision to award a former Capital Coast DHB (CCDHB) nurse $15,000 for being denied information about a harassment complaint she made against her manager.