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Mullane v Attorney General: Police vetting Joanna Hayward
3 November 2017


In a recent Human Rights Review Tribunal case, the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) requested a Police vet of taxi driver Mr Mullane, to check he met the criteria of a “fit and proper” person for the renewal of his taxi licence.

Bankruptcy and the right to be forgotten Richard Stephen
20 August 2015


The issue over whether a person’s past should continue to be discoverable online is one of the big privacy debates of our time. Although the concept of the ‘right to be forgotten’ has been around since 2006, it gained momentum in 2014 when the European Court of Justice agreed that a Spanish man, Mario Gonzalez, had the right to get Google to “break the link” to online information about his past financial difficulties.

The search for an accurate age Sam Grover
18 August 2015


What happens when an agency’s record of your identity conflicts with who you actually are? This is the question we grappled with in an Immigration New Zealand (INZ) case that we recently referred to the Director of Human Rights Proceedings.

What we learned from Taylor v Orcon Inna Zadorozhnaya
2 June 2015


In the recent decision Taylor v Orcon Ltd, the Human Rights Review Tribunal ordered a telecommunications company, Orcon, to pay $25,000 in damages to Mr Taylor. This case sends a strong reminder to agencies to check the accuracy of personal information before using it.

Sharing information about death and taxes Neil Sanson
23 February 2015

headstone edit

When people die, there is a lot to deal with. Apart from dealing with the loss of a family member or friend, there is all the administrative effort in telling every club, association, business and government agency to stop sending mail.

Sloppy spelling makes for expensive mistake Annabel Fordham
30 January 2015

taylor and sons edit

It can be tedious to check those final details. Sometimes it hardly seems worth the effort. The British Companies House (equivalent to our Companies Office) found out the hard way that it really is worth it. The Companies House is facing an eye-watering damages bill because of wrongly listing Cardiff engineering firm Taylor & Sons Ltd as being in liquidation.

A right to be forgotten for New Zealand? John Edwards
1 July 2014

Right to be forgotten image edit 4

The biggest thing in the privacy world just now seems to have exploded into the collective consciousness out of nowhere. For those of you with TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) syndrome, here’s the spoiler. The issue is not as clear cut as you might think. I’d like to hear a range of views about how we should approach this in New Zealand.