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Viewing entries tagged with 'vulnerable children'

What do I do if I think a child is at risk? Sam Grover
6 July 2017

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If you think a child is at risk, can you tell someone? This video spells out the answer to this question: yes. If you think a child is at risk, tell a police officer, social worker or someone else who can help. You won’t get into trouble.

Social services need to understand Privacy Act better Jimmy McLauchlan
1 December 2016

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The consequences of not sharing information in the social services sector can lead to worsening family violence and child abuse cases, and more training in the Privacy Act is needed for those who work in the community frontline, are some of the new findings from research by Methodist Mission Southern.

Meeting international obligations on children’s rights Colin Trotter
17 October 2016


New Zealand’s progress in child welfare recently came under international scrutiny by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Information sharing, Predictive Risk Modelling (PRM) and Approved Information Sharing Agreements (AISAs) were some of the current developments assessed by the Committee.

Reducing harm from family violence Becci Whitton
10 October 2016

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As you may have seen in the news over the last couple of weeks, the Government has announced broad reforms of the Domestic Violence Act 1995, aimed at reducing the harm from New Zealand’s appalling rates of family violence.

Can I tell someone if I’m worried about a child? Becci Whitton
1 April 2016

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I visited my small home town for the first time in a long while over the Easter weekend. This meant having a lot of conversations that started with, “so, where are you working these days?” I would then explain the work that we do here at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and was pleasantly surprised by how interested most people were in privacy issues! 

Coming to a place near you Charles Mabbett
7 March 2016

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We make regular visits to the regions to meet people, discuss our work and find out how we can help. It is part of our public affairs and education outreach programme.

Predicting risk without turning children into ‘lab rats’ Octavia Palmer
31 July 2015

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Predictive risk modelling (PRM) is a hot privacy topic. The neglect and abuse of children is a social issue that has understandably galvanised public interest, the news media and government agencies. One of the ways the government is considering tackling this high priority issue is by using computer programs that make predictions about the levels of risk to a child.

Putting children first Richard Stephen
15 April 2015


As a parent or guardian of a child under 16, you are entitled to request health information about your child as if it were your own information. For other personal information, the Privacy Act does not provide a right of access by a parent, but a parent or guardian can request information if the child is either too young to act on their own behalf, or where the child has consented.