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Which designs do you like best for a privacy trust mark? Vote on the designs below by telling which one are your favourite designs. 

Note that these designs will not necessarily become a finished privacy trust mark. What we are looking for is a design that shows the most promise of being turned into a popular and effective privacy trust mark. The Privacy Commissioner will choose the final design.

However, in a separate category, the entry which wins the People's Choice Award will be the design that receives the most votes here and likes on our Facebook page. You can vote by liking your favourites on our Facebook page or by emailing us at privacy.tick@privacy.org.nz with the name of the designer (see below).

The close for People's Choice Award voting was the end of Friday 23 February.

Please note the design competition and the People's Choice Award vote are now closed. Thank you to those who took part. We'll be announcing the winners shortly.

We'd like to acknowledge and thank all the designers who have taken an interest in our office and our work and who have contributed to this competition. It couldn't have happened without you.

Ade Mulyana

 Alan Hsieh

 Alexander Lloyd

 Andrew Drake

Ari Aryanto

Adam Short

 Arnie Harrison

 Benjamin Johnston

 Cadence Chung

 Catherine Trolove

 Catherine Wilson

 Charith Jayapathi

 Chris Molloy

 Chris Slane

 Claire Sparks

 Curtis Bain

Derek Harrison

 Diane Tashkoff

 Edward Smith

 Emily Zhang

 Einas Sanad

 Henrietta Sushames

Chris Chester

Grace Osum

Hannah Stancliffe-White

Mike David

 James Ford

 Jodi Melody

 Kari Wang

 Madison Hunt

 Matt Downer

 Michael Moyes

 Mira Patel

 Pamela Jane

Patrick Sutton

Philip Whitmore

 Roheet Uka

 Rose Geiringer

 Samantha Jones

Stephen Lamb

 Tamsin Lord

 Tane Harre

Tomas Cottle

Wen Fang See

 Richard Osborne

 Zoe Bell

Katie Elgar