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This Privacy Week, try these 15 headscratchers in your workplace to test the privacy general knowledge of your colleagues. The answers are on the PDF document at the bottom of the page.

  1. How old is New Zealand’s Privacy Act?
  2. What’s happening to the Privacy Act?
  3. What does GDPR stand for?
  4. What did the Privacy Commissioner this year suggest people could do with their Facebook accounts?
  5. What is the Māori word for privacy?
  6. Can a shop owner or staff member search a customer’s bag?
  7. A New Zealand government cybersecurity agency was launched in April 2017. What is its name?
  8. A government minister from what country said privacy advocates objecting to his government’s biometric scheme had no issue “getting body naked before the white man”?
  9. Can a taxi driver post security camera footage of humorous conversations with customers to YouTube?
  10. What country has 170 million CCTV cameras in place and plans on installing 400 million more?
  11. Can a landlord take photos during a flat inspection?
  12. What is the name of the chief executive who had his own personal data harvested in a breach suffered by his company?
  13. What is the pet name of an artificial intelligence super computer, promoted by a Christchurch GP, which has strained people’s credulity?
  14. Which popular British science fiction television series features powerful themes about privacy, security and technology?
  15. Which big technology company is introducing Snapchat-like disappearing emails?

Check the answers here.