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NZ Doctor Series - Privacy Matters (# 47)

Traitors under our skin?

When Ross Compton’s house caught fire in September 2016 he was able to escape unscathed, with a suitcase full of clothes and the charger for his external heart pump. But when the 59-year-old US man explained to arson investigators how he’d broken the window with his cane and hurled his most important belongings out the window before scrambling to safety, they weren’t convinced.  A...

Trade Me firearm licence FAQs

The Privacy Commissioner has received a number of enquiries about trading firearms on Trade Me. These FAQs are in response to many of the issues raised.

NZ Doctor series - Privacy matters (# 48)

Health on the Road

It’s Asia-Pacific Privacy Week, so as winter creeps up on us it’s a good time to throw a log on the fire and think about how to keep information safe.  One option is to put it on the couch next to you – both snuggly and secure – but that probably doesn’t meet the RNZCGP Cornerstone standard. It also doesn’t meet the needs of modern health professionals providing decentralised and community based health services.

In recognition of...

NZ Doctor series - Privacy matters (# 49)

Can I tell the cops?

In your job, you have to look after some of the most intimate details of your patients’ lives. This is a great responsibility, and your patients trust and expect you to not just tell anyone. This obligation is recognised in the Health Information Privacy Code. Rule 11 of the Code says you cannot disclose health information you hold about an individual, unless there is a va...

2017 Privacy Week

Privacy Week 8-12 May 2017

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner marks Privacy Week each year to promote privacy awareness and to inform people of their rights under the Privacy Act. It is also to help educate businesses, organisations and agencies of their responsibilities and obligations with personal information.

Privacy Week is done in conjunction with Privacy Awareness Week which is held by the Asia Paci...

Privacy News - 23 August 2017

Privacy News is the Office of the Privacy Commissioner's fortnightly newsletter. The 23 August 2017 edition is available here.