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Case Note 17375 [1997] NZPrivCmr 6 - Couple complain insurance company refused to disclose informant's identity

A husband and wife made a claim to an insurance company following a fire at their business premises. They later found out that two people had separately approached the insurance company and alleged the couple had deliberately lit the fire. The insurance company investigated the matter and discounted the allegations. The couple's claim was accepted by the company.

The couple requested access to the names of the informants under principle 6. The company refused to release the names becau...

Case Note 9392 [1997] NZPrivCmr 5 - Patient complains about delay in blood test results

A doctor ordered blood tests for a patient. The sample was sent to the laboratory of a Crown Health Enterprise (CHE) for testing. The results were returned to the patient's doctor. The patient contacted his doctor's practice but could not obtain the results immediately because the doctor was away.

The patient contacted the CHE which suggested he could ensure access to future results by asking his doctor to note on the request form that a copy of the results be sent to the patient as wel...

Case Note 9257 [1997] NZPrivCmr 4 - Job seeker complains about incorrect employment service file

A job-seeker was enrolled with the New Zealand Employment Service (NZES). At a 'Work Focus' interview she was asked whether she was receiving counselling. When she queried why this question was asked she was told her file indicated she had a problem with drug and alcohol abuse. She said that was incorrect, and at her request the comment was deleted.

The job-seeker alleged NZES had not taken steps to ensure the information on her file was accurate and this was a breach of information pri...

The Postal Services Bill

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On The Postal Services Bill

Private correspondence ...

'Private correspondence was the pride and joy of 14th century Italians. Exchanging letters with commercial information had been a tried and true technique of Italian business for a century or more. As the generations passed, these business letters increasingly became joined by purely private correspondence ... Among educated Italians letters were seized upon...

Harassment And Criminal Associations Bill - Points Of Emphasis

Points Of Emphasis To Justice And Law Reform Select Committee

In the last five years I have examined a number of criminal justice statutes which have touched upon important information or privacy issues. Two which spring to mind were those establishing a DNA databank and the reporting regime to combat moneylaundering.

This bill deals with a far more traditional privacy issue: the interception of private communications. This is one of the more dramatic examples of the State's int...

Protected Disclosures Bill

Introduction; Overall privacy concerns at whistleblower laws; suggested approach; clause by clause comment; summary of specific recommendations

Electoral Act 1993

Introduction; registration of electors; publication of address details on roll; other electoral roll issues; habitation index; registration of political parties; summary of recommendations

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On The Social Security Amendment Bill

This bill will affect the normal expected operation of Part X of the Privacy Act in respect of an authorised information matching provision. The changes have been proposed to meet difficulties encountered by the departments. The bill has been formulated in discussion with me and I do not oppose its enactment.

Section 131A of the Social Security Act 1962 is an 'information matching provision' listed in the Third Schedule to the Privacy Act. It was introduced by the Social Security Amendm...

Interception Of Private Communications report

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On Parts V And Viii Of The Harassment And Criminal Associations Bill (Interception Of Private Communications)


Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Review of provisions in bill
3. Enhancement of existing safeguards
4. Proposal to create new safeguards
5. Summary of conclusions and recommendations

The Harassment and Criminal Associa...