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Information protection in healthcare: Knowledge at what price?

Address by the Privacy Commissioner to the Health Summit '98

15 July 1998

We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge

  • Rutherford D Rogers


The health sector has been in a state of flux for the last five years, and it seems that will continue for some time to come. It is important that with all the changes in philosophy, responsibility and terminology, the concepts of confidentiality and privacy are not lost.

Today I wa...

Response re NZMJ article

Response to enquiry from Dominion on NZMJ article 'Medico-Legal Aspects of Managing Deliberate Self-Harm in the Emergency Department'

In the article two practising psychiatrists say the Privacy Act makes it difficult for them to tell the mother of a 24-year old woman patient that she (the patient) has attempted suicide and may well do so again. As it happens they are quite wrong about the law, and ignore the possibility of being open and up-front with their patients.

The Privacy A...

Annual Report of the Privacy Commissioner 1998

Annual Report of the PRIVACY COMMISSIONER for the year ended 30 June 1998.

Presented to the House of Representatives pursuant to section 24 of the Privacy Act 1993.

View the 1998 Annual Report.

Data Mining and Fair Information Practices - Good Business Sense

'Much of the stuff you find is nonsense, but because it comes off the computer it has the mark of being credible.'

It is sometimes suggested that the Privacy Act imposes unnecessary constraints on businesses. In particular, shortly after the introduction of the Act, businesses working with people's personal information - credit bureaux and direct marketers - were concerned about the impact of the Privacy Act on their ability to carry on business on a day to day basis.

Immunisation: The Privacy Implications

Address by the Privacy Commissioner to the National Immunisation Co-ordinator Conference

22 May 1998


I have been asked to speak on the privacy implications of immunisation programmes. As with any public health initiative, the success of an immunisation programme depends to some extent on the sharing of information between health agencies.

This can be seen to some extent in your own functions. I understand that immunisation co-ordinators have be...

Proposed Amendments to the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 2

Statement by Bruce Slane, Privacy Commissioner, April 1998

I have given notice of my intention to amend the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 by :

  • applying the code to some further agencies;
  • removing reference to certain abolished agencies;
  • discontinuing provision for the Director-General of Health to issue notices
  • permitting re-assignment of the NHI number but continuing the effect of notices previously given;
  • amending rule 11(1) in re...

Case Note 13066 [1998] NZPrivCmr 10 - Employee discovers employer retained suspension details after removal from file

An employee of a Crown Health Enterprise (CHE) complained about the retention of information about an incident which occurred in 1984 and resulted in his suspension. He had been reinstated subject to the condition that the suspension notice and the reasons for its issue would remain on his personal file for two years. He had also been informed that a repetition of the incident would result in his dismissal. Ten years later, the employee learned that the information had not been removed and as...

Case Note 12946 [1998] NZPrivCmr 9 - Father seeks access to daughter's file recording sexual abuse allegations

A father complained about a refusal by the Children, Young Persons and their Families Service to release information to him. The father had requested access to the file relating to his daughter so he could use it in a Family Court hearing on custody and access.

He also complained to the Ombudsman about the Service's refusal to make this information available under the Official Information Act.

The Service had investigated allegations that the father had abused the child. These all...

Case Note 6983 [1998] NZPrivCmr 8 - Man claims credit report sent by courier was insufficiently safeguarded against loss

A man asked for access to personal information held by a credit reporting agency. The agency had previously experienced some difficulties with him, so it took the added precaution of despatching the documents by courier. However, the man did not receive the documents. He alleged that the agency had failed to take reasonable safeguards to protect his personal information and suggested it should have required the courier to obtain a signature on delivery. However, I did not agree.


Case Note 6808 [1998] NZPrivCmr 7 - Man objects to Council copying letter to third parties

The complainant had a dispute with a Council arising from his involvement in a Council-initiated project. A Council employee wrote to the complainant about the project and copied the letter to the Mayor, a councillor and a third person. The letter contained a reference to the complainant's possessions which were at the project site.

The complainant considered that the letter contained personal information about him and objected to its disclosure to these people. He complained to me abou...