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Case Note 13682 [1998] NZPrivCmr 4 - Customer objects to being sent another company's marketing brochure by Telecom

A customer of Telecom New Zealand Ltd complained that it had sent him a brochure marketing another company's goods without his authorisation. Although the brochure mostly referred to Telecom's goods and services, it included a deal on a computer and a subscription on special terms to Telecom's Internet service.

The terms and conditions of Telecom's subscriber contract state it will use customers' information to inform them of new services. Telecom maintained that it was promoting the co...

Case Note 5715 [1998] NZPrivCmr 3 - Patient complains of hospital's refusal to return original letter

The complainant wrote a letter to a Crown Health Enterprise (CHE) asking for some information to be removed from his medical records. The information was not wrong, but the complainant objected to its presence on the file, suggesting that the CHE did not really need it. The CHE removed the information and filed the complainant's letter in the Patient Affairs office. The complainant asked the CHE to return the letter. The CHE declined on the basis that if anyone queried the alteration to the m...

Case Note 2448 [1998] NZPrivCmr 2 - Client protests when bank discloses his account details to daughter-in-law

A customer alleged that his bank had sent a printout of his loan account to his daughter-in-law. The printout disclosed the details of a mortgage the customer and his new partner had over a property. The customer found this very embarrassing.

The daughter-in-law and the customer had the same surname and similar but not identical initials. The daughter-in-law, who had a loan with the same bank, requested a printout of her own loan details. A bank employee mistakenly accessed and printed...

Health Occupational Registration Acts Amendment Bill

1. Introduction

1.1 This bill systematically amends 11 health occupational registration statutes in a variety of ways. As the title of the bill suggests, each of the 11 statutes contains a register of persons permitted to work in a particular health related profession or occupation. My interest revolves around these registers rather than the changes being made by the bill.

1.2 I have examined the 11 statutes and each contains a provision or provisions establishing a register and p...

Case Note 15972 [1998] NZPrivCmr 1 - Union complains about Transport Accident Investigation Commission disclosure of cockpit voice recording

In investigating an aeroplane crash, the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) obtained the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and made a transcript. The accident report contained excerpts from the transcript and, annexed to it, was an edited transcript. The transcript did not include anything said by the pilots which did not relate to piloting the aeroplane.

The union representing the pilots complained to me about the disclosure of the transcript. The union said the pilots had a...

Case Note 11536 [1997] NZPrivCmr 13 - MP complains Police unfairly collected information from school for father's deportation proceedings

The police were asked to assist in the deportation of an illegal immigrant. A police officer telephoned the school attended by this man's children and asked the school for the children's residential address. The officer said the police had some stolen property which had to be returned to the children. A short time later, the man was arrested and deported.

A member of Parliament complained to me that the police had collected information by unfair means.

The police said they asked f...

Case Note 14824 [1997] NZPrivCmr 14 - Man complains of unfair video recording during insurance investigation

A man claimed on an insurance policy covering him for disability. The policy provided that the insurance company would pay his mortgage if the disability lasted for a certain time. This time had elapsed. The company had some doubts about the claim and engaged private investigators to look into the matter.

The private investigators twice visited the claimant's house. On the first visit, the investigator noticed a 'for sale' sign outside the house and, purporting to be a potential buyer,...

Case Note 18148 [1997] NZPrivCmr 15 - Prisoner complains his identity was disclosed in TV documentary

A prison inmate made a complaint against the Department of Corrections and a television company. The Department allowed a television broadcaster to film a documentary inside a prison. It had told the inmates that they would not be identifiable in the final version of the film. The inmate alleged that he was identifiable when the documentary went to air.

The broadcaster had agreed that inmates would not be identifiable and that any identifying features would be removed or 'pixelated' bef...