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Case Note 0115 [1994] - Department of Social Welfare refused to provide the identity of a person who had made serious allegations about the treatment of the complainant's children

The complainant asked me to investigate a decision of the Department of Social Welfare to refuse to provide the complainant with the identity of a person who had made serious allegations about the complainant's treatment of her children.

The Department informed me that it did not in fact hold the identity of the person who made the allegations against the complainant. However, it did hold a small amount of information about this person that may have been identifying information in the h...

Case Note 0107 [1994] - Department of Social Welfare refused complainant's access to his file in its entirety

The complainant asked me to investigate the refusal of the Department of Social Welfare to allow him access to his file in its entirety. The Department had provided the complainant with access to his file but did not allow him to see the original version of some of the pages. Instead the complainant was provided with a typed copy of one page and a photocopy of another page which omitted identifying information about the person who had provided the information in these documents.

In dele...

Case Note 0083 [1994] - Police refuse complainant access to photographs used in evidence at his trial

The complainant asked me to investigate the decision of the Commissioner of Police to refuse the complainant access to photographs used in evidence at his trial.

When I examined the photographs in question, I found that only two of them were of the complainant. The other photographs did not constitute personal information about the requester and I therefore did not have jurisdiction to consider the complaint under the Privacy Act. The photographs did however constitute official informat...

Case Note 0062 [1994] - Debt collection agency contacted complainant at work by telephone and then by facsimile

A complaint was made that a debt collection agency contacted the complainant at work by telephone and then by facsimile thereby disclosing personal information. The facsimile stated :

"Unpaid Accounts. Please contact us urgently."

The facsimile was in fact sent to the head office of the complainant's employer, rather than the branch location at which she worked.

Following discussions with this Office, the agency agreed to revise its practices in the use of facsimile messages...

Case Note 0051 [1994] - Solicitors disclosed income and expenditure information to complainant's wife

The complainant asked me to investigate the actions of a firm of solicitors in disclosing information to his wife consisting of statements of the complainant's income and expenditure.

This information had previously been disclosed in the course of a Court hearing. The complainant also alleged that his former spouse had in turn disclosed this information to the Inland Revenue Department.

The disclosure by the solicitors took place prior to 1 July 1993 when the Privacy Act came into...

Media Statement: Google's new privacy policies

'Google's aim of making their privacy policies simpler and clearer is a move in the right direction. We have encouraged Google to go down that track and have said how important it is for privacy policies to be readily understandable and as clear as possible. If these changes do that, then that is a good thing for Google users.

Google's plans for increased linkages in user identity data across Google products and services to provide a seamless user experience do raise concerns and it me...

Using the cloud

Can businesses be confident client and staff information will be safe if they switch to cloud services? We've developed a privacy checklist to help you.

On The Record health guide

On the Record is a ready reference and practical guide for managing common situations that people in the health sector face. It uses examples to illustrate how privacy law works and gives advice on developing policies. Our aim is that it will give practical advice that you can apply easily within your workplace.

However, On the Record cannot answer every question and it does not stand alone. It needs to be read alongside the rules in the He...

Top 10 tips

Top 10 tips for privacy

1. Think before you give out personal information, and ask what it will be used for.

2. You can ask to see any personal information held about you. If it's wrong, ask for it to be corrected.

3. Don't like people trying to sell you things by mail or over the phone? You can contact the Marketing Association (0800 347 328) to ask about its Name Removal Service. For information on the Association's two Registers, click on the links