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Youth privacy poster and flyer

Your information - but is it really yours? View the poster and the wallet-sized flyer on privacy tips for youth. These form part of our Privacy Kit for Young.

Case Note 8649 [1997] NZPrivCmr 3 - Client objects to ACC disclosures in response to her media statements

A client of the Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Corporation (ACC) approached a newspaper reporter alleging that ACC had mishandled her case. She provided the reporter with a report of a review conducted by ACC, together with a substantial amount of material she had obtained from ACC's files.

ACC was then asked by the reporter to answer a list of questions about the client's allegations. Some of the questions related to her entitlement to various allowances. It sought...

Case Note 100962 [2008] NZPrivCmr 5: Courier company delivers loan application pack to bank customer's neighbour

A woman asked her bank to restructure her bank loan. The bank prepared the loan documents and arranged to deliver them to her home by courier.

The bank gave the courier company incorrect delivery details. However, the woman's name and address were correctly printed and clearly visible in the window of the envelope. The courier company had written instructions to place the package in the customer’s mailbox if she was not at home.

A compliments slip was attached to the envelope....

Privacy Impact Assessment Handbook

Use of privacy impact assessments is an effective way to better privacy risks and is increasingly being used here and internationally.

Effective website privacy notices

Giving notice to website visitors about how your agency collects and uses personal information is good practice. An effective approach to this task is to use a layered privacy notice, and we have recommended '10 Steps to develop a multilayered privacy notice' as a source of detailed information.

Now, based upon continuing collaboration with a small group of NZ agencies who are piloting the layered notice approach, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has published 'Questions & An...