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Case Note 284027 [2018] NZPriv Cmr 1: Woman wants insurer to delete her information

A woman wanted an insurance company to delete all the personal information it had about her. She said she had not made a claim and had since taken her business to another insurer. When the insurance company refused to do so, she complained to our office.

The woman told us she had taken out a contents insurance policy with the insurer but cancelled it after only two months because she was dissatisfied with the service.

Case note 284190 [2017] NZPriv Cmr 11: Man complains about Automobile Association card information sharing

A man complained that his new Automobile Association (AA) card was configured so that it would share his personal information with a supermarket chain. He had been informed in a letter from AA about the new relationship between the two organisations. Members using their AA card at the supermarket chain would be entitled to discounts on fuel.

The letter said the first time a customer used their AA card at one of the supermarkets, their details would automatically be sent to the supermark...

Case note 287145 [2017] NZPriv Cmr 12: Academic denied request for 12,000 work emails

An academic who was dismissed from his university position requested all of his work emails from a 12 month period of his employment.  He asked to be given a computer hard drive containing all the emails. The university refused the request. It said the information amounted to about 12,000 emails and they were university property. The academic complained to our office.

The complainant

The academic said he had been unfairly dismissed. On the day of his dismissal, a...

Case note 273665 [2017] NZPriv Cmr 10: Couple says they were wrongly billed for childcare

A couple with young children complained to us after a childcare centre referred a debt to a collection agency, raising issues about the accuracy about the debt information.

The couple said they withdrew their two young children from the childcare centre because they had concerns about the way the centre was being run. They said it had not addressed a number of health and safety issues that they had pointed out.

The childcare centre required four weeks’ notice to be given when ch...

Case Note 253397 [2017] NZ PrivCmr 2 - Student executive discloses letter about colleague's job performance

A university student union’s president (the complainant) was given a written warning for neglecting to meet a number of her job’s key performance indicators. The warning was delivered in a formal letter from the vice president on behalf of the student union executive.

Soon after, excerpts from the letter were published in a university magazine as part of a story about dysfunction in the student union.

The student union president wrote to complain to us about the magazine tha...

Case note 274816 [2016] NZ PrivCmr 11: Man seeks information from application process

The Privacy Act gives people the right to see personal information that agencies hold about them. While this might appear straightforward, there are a number of circumstances where people and agencies disagree about what personal information the agency needs to disclose and what it can withhold.  

This was exemplified in a recent complaint to our office.

A medical doctor applied to a speciali...

Case note 270745 [2016] NZ PrivCmr 10: Medical centre changes processes after sensitive disclosure

Agencies that handle sensitive information need to have robust processes in place to ensure that information is handled properly. That’s what a GP’s office learned in a recent case we investigated.

A patient told their GP about being abused in the past. The GP referred the patient to counselling to help work through the issues stemming from that abuse.

The GP’s office followed up this re...

Case note 275234 [2016] NZ PrivCmr 9: Man objects to urine test process

The process of collecting health information can affect both privacy and personal dignity. This is what spurred a man to complain to our office after he was asked for a urine test by his prospective employer.

The man had applied for a job that required employees to pass a drug test. The company outsourced its drug testing to a third-party specialist agency, which was charged with collecting samples and testing them for drugs.

Case note 274491 [2016] NZ PrivCmr 8: Man says bank unfairly disclosed his name to debt collector

We received a complaint from a man who said a bank’s efforts to recover a $70,000 overpayment to him breached his privacy.

The man, who was not a customer of the bank, received a large sum of money by bank transfer from his ex-wife as a result of a Family Court decision. But the bank overpaid the man by $70,000.

When the debt collection agency contacted the man to recover the debt, the man c...