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Private Word Issue 88, April 2014

Privacy Week Forum; other Privacy Week events; T&P Forum with Symantec info-security expert; our data safety toolkit is coming!; Privacy Week in your workplace

Private Word Issue 87, March 2014

Privacy Commissioner's introduction; Privacy Week; law change to section 56; children need to be wise online; risks of keeping old emails; confidentiality and the unpublished electoral roll; news around the world

Private Word Issue 86, December 2013

International privacy commissioners target mobile apps; reporting data breaches; new GCPO role is a smart move; Privileges Committee questions Privacy Commissioner; OWLS to launch in February; Privacy Awareness Week 2014; news from around the world

Private Word, Issue 85, September 2013

Accessing your personal information; The inquiry into the Henry Inquiry; Enforcement sharing, capacity building; Teaching children to protect themselves online; Google responds to privacy fears over Glass; Case note: Man objects to CCTV in pub toilets; Websites need to improve privacy information; No one-stop media regulator; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 83, December 2012

20th Anniversary of the Privacy Act; Phase two of the Deloittes inquiry into WINZ data breach; Annual report; Case notes; Human Rights Review Tribunal decision; Google destroys NZ WiFi data; Credit reporters first assurance reports; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 82, September 2012

The ACC breach - an interview with the Privacy Commissioner; Credit reporting changes proposed; Credit code workshops; News media, new media and privacy; Case notes; Recent Human Rights Review Tribunal decisions; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 81, June 2012

UMR survey results; Cyber Security Awareness Week; OPC goes social; Privacy Forum 2012; Trust is the 'sweet spot' for government and business; Advice for secondary school students, parents and teachers; Developing a new resource for primary schools; Inquiry into ACC and email leak; Credit reporting system changes; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 80, March 2012

Think big? Privacy in the age of big data; Why the fuss about big data?; Snapshots of some of our Privacy Forum speakers; Big data and marketing; Adding to the privacy toolbox; Government information sharing; News media and new media.

Private Word Issue 79, December 2011

Identity Conference 2012 and Privacy Forum; APPA Forum 2011; ACC's Privacy Champions; Case notes; Keeping safe online; Credit Reporting Privacy Code; Annual Report; Privacy Officers' Round Table; Modernising the law - Law Commission review update; New advice for seniors; International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 78, July 2011

Credit Reporting Privacy Code amendment; Taxis recording passengers - new guidance; Getting it right when you've got it wrong; Case notes; 35th APPA Forum; Why do lawyers need to know about privacy law?; Privacy points for lawyers; New Chair of the Human Rights Review Tribunal; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 77, April 2011

Privacy Awareness Week; Interview with Google's Alma Whitten; Case notes; National electronic health records; Christchurch Earthquake (Information Sharing) Code; Senior citizens; Commissioner welcomes outcome of US Google Buzz investigation; Delays in providing personal information prove costly; NetHui; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 75, September 2010

US Federal Trade Commission joins APPA; Youth spread the word about privacy; Privacy - are you serious?; Case notes; New powers to block re-export of personal information; NZ part of global privacy networks; Motor vehicle register update; International privacy conferences; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 74, June 2010

Submission to the Law Commission's review of the Privacy Act; New computer safety resources for kids; Focus on the Privacy Forum; Case notes; Children, Young People and Privacy conference in Melbourne; NZ in the international privacy arena; Better protection for vehicle owners' personal information; Tax system review; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 72, December 2009

New guidance on CCTV; Case note; Deceased doctor's estate fails to transfer files; Date of birth on secondhand dealers' licences; Privacy experts convene; Privacy in schools; IT certification; Credit Reporting and Privacy Code review; News around the world; News around Parliament.

Private Word Issue 71, August 2009

Caution urged on DNA bank; Can insurance companies collect full medical notes?; Te Reo video; Case notes; Insurance information - tips for health consumers; PSD survey - the results; New audit privacy guidelines; Better practice by marketers; Law Commission seeks your views online; Closing gaps in legal framework; Privacy guide for schools; Vehicle register to be restricted; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 70, April 2009

Survey on portable storage devices; Privacy Awareness Week; Case notes; New on the Privacy Commissioner's website; Justice's information security campaign; PAW calendar of events; News around the world; News in NZ.

Private Word Issue 69, March 2009

Technology benefits versus risks; Credit Reporting Privacy Code review; Case notes; Health Information Privacy Code; Privacy Awareness Week; Fraud Awareness Week; Law Commission review of privacy; Security Breach Workshops; News around the world; NZ's DNA databank.

Private Word Issue 68, November 2008

Cloud computing; Guthrie Cards; Case note; Mosley v News of the World; Protecting World Privacy; DNA databases shut; Using offshore ICT providers; Australian Privacy law reform; Screening programmes and genetic research; News around the world; Privacy Awareness Week; International links for privacy professionals; Security breach workshop; Privacy Commissioner reappointed.

Private Word Issue 67, August 2008

Privacy Awareness Week with APPA partners; The future of the world’'s Internet economy; Modernising the law; Privacy Bill helps trade, enhances personal rights; News around the world; UK reports released on data losses; Case notes.

Private Word Issue 66, May 2008

Privacy myths and realities; Newborn screening; Case notes; Exploring identity and privacy; E-govt initiatives; Marketing lists; Privacy Awareness Week; News around the world; Education unique identifier; New technology team leader.