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We now email a fortnightly Privacy News digest from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. It includes current and latest blog posts, media statements and other news. The Privacy News digest replaces our Private Word quarterly. Sign up here if you would like it delivered to your email inbox.

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Private Word Issue 63, August 2007

Privacy is your business - Privacy Awareness Week; Case studies; New information brochures; Keeping kids safe; Anti-Spam Act starts soon; Top 10 tips for privacy; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 62, June 2007

The new generation: online and uninhibited; New Zealanders' passport data stored in Australia; Consent given for photos; Case note; “Think carefully” - NetSafe; Data “going global; Helping MPs help constituents; News around the world; Law Commission review of privacy: public registers.

Private Word Issue 61, March 2007

Defending data, taming surveillance; Consultation on health code; Case notes; A day in the life; Human Rights Review Tribunal questions police vetting consent form; Assignment to Canada; News around the world; Law Commission privacy review.

Private Word Issue 60, December 2006

Technology: “A silent revolution”; Law Commission privacy review; Asia Pacific forum promotes; ideas exchange; A day in the (digital) life; UK privacy reports; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 59, September 2006

Don't leave privacy to chance; Case notes; Motor register restrictions; Don't turn law into a battlefield; CCTV not for sale; E-Crime warnings; News around the world; OPC health policy adviser.

Private Word Issue 58, May 2006

Over 200 people attend Privacy Forum; New website launched; Case studies; Privacy Forum; Patient confidentiality; Media freedom; RFID in the workplace; New around the world; OPC investigation staff changes.

Private Word Issue 57, March 2006

Credit Code comes into full force; IRD chief on the “culture of confidentiality”; Credit file requests; Case study: suicide worries; Private Word survey results; Nurturing taxpayer confidentiality; Arts Festival and identity issues; Privacy 0800 enquiries; Census only for stats use; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 56, November 2005

Actively resolving complaints; Unpaid bills no excuse; “Minefield” for doctors; Website redevelopment; Next Privacy Forum.

Private Word Issue 55, August 2005

A new level of regional cooperation; Privacy and business; An international privacy career; News around the world; UK Privacy Forum; Reference checks.

Private Word Issue 54, May 2005

Tracking technology on the move; What is “personal information”?; Transferring a privacy request; Ad campaign complaint; Spyware concerns; News around the world.

Private Word Issue 51, June 2004

Drug test ruling; Technology challenge; Big brother awards; Complaints list; Act interpretation; Secret filming; APEC planning; Privacy tort; Mail opening; RFID tags.

Private Word Issue 50, March 2004

ID authentication; Invasive technology; Workshop plans; Act reprinted; Workshop plans;
Complaints blitz; Register worries; Signature hazard; Information matching; Anti-spam laws.

Private Word Issue 49, July 2003

New Privacy Commissioner takes office; Court upholds privacy right; Privacy impact should be proportionate; Baby test rules needed; Privacy Act was not to blame;
Proposed credit code released; Strong community support from privacy; Defiance predicted on ID plan.

Private Word Issue 48, April 2003

New telecommunications code - benefits to industry and users; Privacy questions with DNA; Spiders and crawlers pose new challenges; Technologies can enhance or intrude on privacy; HIV test failure; Changes to Privacy Act on the way; Think you're being watched?; PETs and PITs contrasted; IT health projects may breach code; More funding for dealing with complaints.

Private Word Issue 47, January 2003

Forum looking back and to the future; Tracking device controls welcomed; Access rights should be protected; Importance of access rights demonstrated; How doctors could avoid privacy complaints; How should MPs handle privacy issues?; Privacy Commissioner receives award; ACC undercover operation was not unfair.