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Latest in Reports to Parliament and Government

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Mandatory Disclosure Of Executive Remuneration

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On The Mandatory Disclosure Of Executive Remuneration Under Section 211 Of The Companies Act 1993

1. Introduction and key recommendation

1.1 The company law reform package which culminated in the Companies Act 1993 introduced a new requirement for companies to publish details in their annual reports of executive remuneration exceeding $100,000. That requirement has a detrimental effect on the privacy of some of the...

The Postal Services Bill

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On The Postal Services Bill

Private correspondence ...

'Private correspondence was the pride and joy of 14th century Italians. Exchanging letters with commercial information had been a tried and true technique of Italian business for a century or more. As the generations passed, these business letters increasingly became joined by purely private correspondence ... Among educated Italians letters were seized upon...

Harassment And Criminal Associations Bill - Points Of Emphasis

Points Of Emphasis To Justice And Law Reform Select Committee

In the last five years I have examined a number of criminal justice statutes which have touched upon important information or privacy issues. Two which spring to mind were those establishing a DNA databank and the reporting regime to combat moneylaundering.

This bill deals with a far more traditional privacy issue: the interception of private communications. This is one of the more dramatic examples of the State's int...

Protected Disclosures Bill

Introduction; Overall privacy concerns at whistleblower laws; suggested approach; clause by clause comment; summary of specific recommendations

Electoral Act 1993

Introduction; registration of electors; publication of address details on roll; other electoral roll issues; habitation index; registration of political parties; summary of recommendations

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On The Social Security Amendment Bill

This bill will affect the normal expected operation of Part X of the Privacy Act in respect of an authorised information matching provision. The changes have been proposed to meet difficulties encountered by the departments. The bill has been formulated in discussion with me and I do not oppose its enactment.

Section 131A of the Social Security Act 1962 is an 'information matching provision' listed in the Third Schedule to the Privacy Act. It was introduced by the Social Security Amendm...

Interception Of Private Communications report

Report By The Privacy Commissioner To The Minister Of Justice On Parts V And Viii Of The Harassment And Criminal Associations Bill (Interception Of Private Communications)


Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Review of provisions in bill
3. Enhancement of existing safeguards
4. Proposal to create new safeguards
5. Summary of conclusions and recommendations

The Harassment and Criminal Associa...

Evidence of Children and Other Vulnerable Witnesses

Submission by the Privacy Commissioner on Law Commission Preliminary Paper 26

1. Introduction

1.1 The discussion paper examines options to address the particular needs of children and other vulnerable witnesses, including defendants, which arise in their involvement in criminal and civil court proceedings and impact on their ability to give reliable, that is complete and accurate, evidence. Vulnerability may arise due to the characteristics of a witness, the nature of the case...

Official Information Act

Introduction; Constitutional conventions and conduct of public affairs; broadly defined requests and requests for large amounts of information; time limits; ability to charge to recover costs in deciding whether or not to release information; transfer of requests; refusal of requests; compliance with the requirements of Ombudsman; Order in Council procedure; diplomatic documents