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Latest in Reports to Parliament and Government

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Trans-Tasman Economic Review

The Privacy Commissioner has urged the the Australian and New Zealand Productivity Commissions to explore the opportunities for, and barriers to, trans-Tasman credit reporting in a submission to the joint economic study.

To read the Privacy Commissioner's submission click here and to find out more about the trans-Tasman study

Taxation (Tax Administration and Remedial Matters) Bill 2010

The Privacy Commissioner's submission focuses on clause 59 of the Taxation (Tax Administration and Remedial Matters) Bill which proposes a new framework for Inland Revenue to share the personal information of all New Zealanders for a potentially limitless range of purposes.

View the full submission.

18 February 2011


Customs & Excise (Joint Border Management Information Sharing and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

The Customs and Excise (Joint Border Management Information Sharing and Other Matters) Amendment Bill proposes the introduction of an untested and open-ended information sharing regime for border information. Because sensitive personal information is shared at the border, this raises significant privacy concerns.

The Privacy Commissioner's submission recommends that a decision on this framework is delayed to allow the necessary testing and analysis to be done. Alternatively, the inform...

Electoral (Disqualification of Convicted Prisoners) Amendment Bill 2010

This submission makes no comment on the intent of the Bill, which is to ensure that all those sentenced to a period of detention are ineligible to vote. Instead, it identifies the privacy interests that the Bill raises, and suggests a method by which those interests can be appropriately managed.

Our recommendation is that if the information disclosures that currently occur under section 81 of the Electoral Act 1993 are expanded, as would be the effect of this Bill, they should be m...

Courts and Criminal Matters Bill 2010

The Privacy Commissioner's submission focuses on clause 69 of the Courts and Criminal Matters Bill, which amends the Summary Proceedings Act 1957 to authorise:

  • the release of penalty information to credit reporters for inclusion in credit reports; and
  • the Ministry of Justice to use the information provided by credit reporters when collecting fines.

Clause 69 would create significant privacy impacts for the people of New Zealand through these new...

Comments of the Privacy Commissioner for the Select Committee Hearing on the Search and Surveillance Bill

Introductory comment

Search and surveillance is a complex area with an immense impact on citizens' rights in relation to the State. Up to now, it has suffered from a lack of consistency and coherence, but the work of the Law Commission and the resulting Search and Surveillance Bill have significantly improved this situation.

Of course, any discussion of search and surveillance gives rise to major privacy issues. By its nature the Bill covers activities that are...

Review of Statutory Authorities

General descriptions and reports of the results of all operating matches can be found in the Commissioner'’s annual reports.

The Commissioner periodically reviews operating matches to assess their continuing justification for existence, as required under s.106 of the Privacy Act. These can be downloaded below: