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The Electronic Consumer

Understanding Privacy and Use of Information in Electronic Commerce

Address by Privacy Commissioner, Bruce Slane

New Zealanders lead the world in trying out new types of technology. There are more EFTPOS machines per head in our population than anywhere else in the world. We are connecting to the Internet faster than most other countries. It seems as though we are far too interested to try out the technology to fear it. Perhaps, dare I say, a small influence...

Health Information Privacy: Confronting the Issues

Address by the Privacy Commissioner, Bruce Slane, to the IIR Medico-Legal Conference

Today, I want to discuss with you and contrast my opinion in the Pugmire case and a recent decision of the Medical Practitioners' Disciplinary Committee. The MPDC decision found that a medical practitioner's actions in giving an opinion on a patient's suitability to have a firearms licence was unbecoming conduct.

I will also discuss some other matters I have encountered in health sector complain...

The New Privacy Laws: Exemptions and Exceptions to Privacy

Paper prepared for The New Privacy Laws: A Symposium on Preparing Privacy Laws for the 21st Century
Sydney, 19 February 1997


It is timely that we should examine the 'new privacy laws' and address the exciting topic of 'preparing privacy laws for the 21st century'. Australia at Federal level is poised to embark on legislating for privacy protection the private sector. Victoria and New South Wales are also designing privacy laws at State level. Further afield Can...

Principles In Practice: Privacy Act Challenges For Lawyers

New Zealand Law Conference
12 April 1996

What makes the Privacy Act different?
A principled piece of legislation
Act's international origins
First comprehensive privacy law
Emphasis on informal resolution of complaints
Seamless application
So it's different
Does a new type of Act require a new type of interpretation?
Lawyers' role in compliance advice
Lawyers' own practices and the Privacy Act

Privacy Live Forum presentations

ISO Privacy Standard Development - 6 October 2016 (Wellington) Joanne Knight, Senior Business Adviser, Service Innovation Unit, Department of Internal Affairs.  International Standards Organisation (ISO) develops global standards relating to privacy.  NZ is among a number of countries that have very strong views on privacy, and being able to influence global standards help to ensure they align with our approach.  View the event flyer " target="_...