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Focusing on solutions: working with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

The NZ Law Society Continuing Legal Education Ltd has published 'Public Law Remedies Toolbox'. One of the authors, Katrine Evans, Assistant Commissioner (Legal and Policy) wrote on the above topic and her chapter included:

A Why do lawyers need to know about privacy law?
B The basics of the Privacy Act
C Powers that govern how we operate
D How we operate
E Remedies - the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

Where in the world is your information?

Presentation given by the Privacy Commissioner to SeniorNet AGM in Wellington on Monday, 30 May 2011

Where in the world is your Information?

Privacy: the personal, social and political

• Thanks for invite - switched on audience.
• Glad of opportunity also to speak to people who can influence younger people to protect their information.
• Privacy matters for personal, social and political reasons and because it affects you, and your children and...

2011 Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week was held from 1-7 May 2011.  As part of Privacy Awareness Week 2011, the Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff released a free privacy toolkit for health consumers. The toolkit includes brochures, fact sheets, case notes (summaries of actual privacy complaints), and an updated privacy reference guide – “On the Record”.   There’s also a version of the toolkit for health professionals inclu...

The Globe and the Cloud - Where is the Privacy Commissioner heading?

NZ Computer Society, Wellington Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, 17 March 2011

Introduction - Transformations

  • Very pleased to be here today. Lots of overlap between your work areas and the interests of privacy and data commissioners around the world.

  • Believe we can help you in your business - privacy is not an optional extra - it is now more a necessity, and a competitive advantage.

  • My work in the privacy...

2010 Forum Speakers' bios and presentation summaries

Marie Shroff
Marie Shroff was appointed to the independent statutory position of Privacy Commissioner in late 2003. Her responsibilities include independent comment on significant personal information policies and issues, providing opinions on privacy complaints made against government and business, monitoring government data matching and promoting good personal information handling practices in New Zealand.

From 1987-2003 Marie Shroff held the position of Secretary...

2010 Privacy Awareness Week and Privacy Forum

Privacy Awareness Week runs from 2 to 8 May 2010.

During PAW, APPA produced a joint product, the ID theft online self-check tool.  People can see how exposed they are to identity theft with a new online interactive tool.   Users work through a series of questions covering a variety of topics, for instance how they handle information in their wallet, mailbox, or on their computer. They ge...

Protecting Biometric Data: Privacy By Design

2010 Biometrics Institute of New Zealand Conference

Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff
26 March 2010
Holiday Inn Hotel, Wellington

Good morning and thank you very much for the opportunity to speak to you today.
I remember that the last time I addressed this conference was one of my first speaking engagements in my then-new role of Privacy Commissioner, back in October 2004. Five and a half years has passed quickly, and I'm aware that you have been dealing with...

Twittering your rights away?

A lunchtime presentation by Katrine Evans, Assistant Privacy Commissioner (Legal and Policy), run by the Wellington Community Law Centre in conjunction with Wellington Central Library on 11 November 2009.

View the presentation.


Privacy Law in Evolution: Across the Pacific

Following are the outline notes of a speech the Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff, presented to the Banking Financial Services Law Association Conference held on the Gold Coast on 31 July 2009.

Why is privacy and personal information relevant in banking?

Example from real life: Customer single digit entry error - $20 charged by woman to wrong account. Man debited $20 complained - he was given woman's contact details by bank call centre operator and told to con...

Patient privacy - sharing information across systems

Policy Adviser (Health) Sebastian Morgan-Lynch spoke at the 2009 Quality Symposium, held by the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners on 14 February 2009, about the risks and benefits for health information management in primary care.

The presentation can be viewed in two parts on Youtube (external link).

View videos Part 1 and Part 2.

2009 Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week was held between 3 and 9 May 2009.

A variety of events were planned including a Chris Slane Privacy Cartoon Exhibition 'No Laughing Matter' in Auckland on 7 May.

TradeMe kindly ran a survey on its website during PAW "Who's using your information?" using creative banners based on the Facebook Friend cartoon.  Visitors to its website were asked three privacy-related questions.

View the Facebook Friend...

Privacy and information requests

"Privacy and information requests - the interrelationship between the Official Information Act and the Privacy Act" - a presentation by Katrine Evans, Assistant Privacy Commissioner (Legal), to the "Legal Issues for Crown Entities" conference held in Wellington 23/24 September 2008.

View the article.