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2007 Privacy Awareness Week and Privacy Forum

Privacy Awareness Week runs from 26 August to 1 September 2007.  In 2007, for the first time, Privacy Awareness Week was conducted in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. 

During Privacy Awareness Week a competition was held for the best written piece on what students chose to write on any aspect of privacy.  The winners of the international privacy competition for secondary school students were announced by the Privacy Commissioners of Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Northe...

Lexis Nexis Information Law Conference

The Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff, presented to the Lexis Nexis Information Law Conference in Wellington on 7 June and in Auckland on 21 July - Privacy in the Noughties.  View the speech.

Panel on health cards and smart cards: A cautionary tale from New Zealand (Blair Stewart)

Meeting of Privacy Commissioners with Privacy Contact Officers from NSW and the Commonwealth

The smart card age seems to be a little slow in arriving.
With respect to today's topic – smart cards and health cards – the first thing to report from New Zealand is that we do not have a national health card, ID card or smart card health card.

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Biometrics Institute "Trans Tasman Standardisation for Biometrics" Conference

Speech by the Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff
Wellington Convention Centre

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We tend to think of biometrics as being a recent technological marvel. But biometric technologies are possibly the oldest method of establishing identity. Fingerprints were used in Babylon as seals on clay tablets recording business transactions. More recently, (but still a while ago) they figured in the cou...

Privacy Issues and Medical Practice (Ross Boswell)

Ross Boswell

At the Privacy Issues Forum, Wellington, 30 March 2006

It is a basic tenet of medical practice that information provided to a doctor by a patient must be held in confidence. The applicable item in the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) Code of Ethics is:

Protect the patient's private information throughout his/her lifetime and following death, unless there are overriding public interest considerations at stake, or a patient's own safety requ...

What is the biggest threat to media freedom in New Zealand? (Paul Thompson)

Paul Thompson

At the Privacy Issues Forum, Wellington, 30 March 2006

What is the biggest threat to media freedom in New Zealand?

Is it suppression orders issued by judges? Or perhaps the fear of contempt of court proceedings which limits what the media can say about certain high-profile criminal trials?

And what about cynical government and local body officials and their spin doctors who use every trick in the book to either keep sensitive information under wraps...

The Way Ahead For Privacy In New Zealand (Clayton Cosgrove)

Opening speech to the Privacy Issues Forum. Delivered on behalf of the Minister of Justice, Hon Mark Burton by the Associate Minister of Justice, Hon Clayton Cosgrove

At the Privacy Issues Forum, Wellington, 30 March 2006

Good morning Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff, the Australian Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis, Paul Chadwick, the Victorian Privacy Commissioner, the State Services Deputy Commissioner for ICT Laurence Millar, David Russell from the Consumers' Institute...

Good privacy is good business (Karen Curtis)

Keynote address to New Zealand Privacy Issues Forum by Karen Curtis, Privacy Commissioner, Australia.

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'What I have been asked to talk about today is why good privacy is good business.

I personally agree with that sentiment and it is also something that my Office has had as somewhat of a mantra since developing its strategic plan in 2000. It has been one of...

Announcing the 2006 UMR survey of public opinion: A chance to hear what consumers say about privacy in business (Marie Shroff)

Marie Shroff - Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand

At the Privacy Issues Forum, Wellington, 30 March 2006

1. Key points from the UMR survey

It is five years since my predecessor Bruce Slane commissioned a survey of public opinion on privacy. A few weeks ago I commissioned a further survey. 750 people were questioned by UMR.

I am sure that the results, released just yesterday, will interest this audience.

Key points include:

  • A high, continuing...

Data Integration Seminar, 25 October 2005

Data Integration Seminar - Adding Trust to the Analysis: Data Integration and Privacy - a presentation by Marie Shroff held at Te Papa, Wellington on 25 October 2005.
Download the speech below (6 pages)

The Official Information Act and Privacy: New Zealand's Story

For presentation at the FOI Live 2005 Conference, 16 June 2005, London. View the full speech.


I am delighted and honoured to be asked to be the international speaker at the FOI Live Conference.
This will not be an academic address – rather a practising civil servant's account of how FOI works. As Cabinet Secretary for 16 years and now Privacy Commissioner, I am certainly a veteran sailo...