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Patient privacy - sharing information across systems

Policy Adviser (Health) Sebastian Morgan-Lynch spoke at the 2009 Quality Symposium, held by the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners on 14 February 2009, about the risks and benefits for health information management in primary care.

The presentation can be viewed in two parts on Youtube (external link).

View videos Part 1 and Part 2.

2009 Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week was held between 3 and 9 May 2009.

A variety of events were planned including a Chris Slane Privacy Cartoon Exhibition 'No Laughing Matter' in Auckland on 7 May.

TradeMe kindly ran a survey on its website during PAW "Who's using your information?" using creative banners based on the Facebook Friend cartoon.  Visitors to its website were asked three privacy-related questions.

Privacy and information requests

"Privacy and information requests - the interrelationship between the Official Information Act and the Privacy Act" - a presentation by Katrine Evans, Assistant Privacy Commissioner (Legal), to the "Legal Issues for Crown Entities" conference held in Wellington 23/24 September 2008.

View the article.


Privacy - Are Good Intentions Enough?

Presentation by Katrine Evans, Assistant Commissioner (Legal), to the LexisNexis Education Law Conference held on 21 November 2007.

View the article.


Address by Assistant Commissioner, Policy, to ARANZ during Privacy Awareness Week 2008

Interrelationship between the Public Records Act & Privacy Act:

A Clash Between Good Information Practices and Fair Information Practices? Accountability for government, accountability to individuals

Blair Stewart(1)
Office of the Privacy Commissioner

1. Introduction

This week the Privacy Commissioner released the results of the 2008 UMR privacy survey on Individual Privacy and Personal Information(2). Particularly n...

Address by Privacy Commissioner during Privacy Awareness Week 2008

Auckland Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

Rendezvous Hotel - Monday 25 August 2008 at 8.00 am


• Welcome, Kia ora tatou

• It gives me great pleasure to be launching our second privacy awareness week 2008 – with our Asia-Pacific partners, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea and Macau. We will also launch the opinion survey results; and employment booklet.

• Thanks for getting out of bed early on this co...

2008 Privacy Awareness Week and Privacy Issues Forum

Privacy Awareness Week runs from 24-30 August 2008, with the theme "Privacy is your Business". Various events will be held during the week.

View the media release. 

During Privacy Awareness Week an international film competition for secondary school students was run with the theme "Privacy is your Business".  Students had to produce a short film abo...

Identity Conference : Do you know who I am?

Marie Shroff, Privacy Commissioner was the keynote speaker at the Identity Conference 2008 held on 29-30 April at Te Papa, Wellington. She spoke on: 'Do you know who I am? Exploring identity and privacy'.

The Privacy Commissioner's keynote address at the Identity Conference 2008 held on 29-30 April in Wellington. For details see Identity Conference 2008

Protecting the Protectors - an address by Marie Shroff, Privacy Commissioner

The Privacy Commissioner gave an address to the New Zealand Police Association Conference held on 31 October - 1 November 2007.

View the speech.

2007 Privacy Awareness Week and Privacy Forum

Privacy Awareness Week runs from 26 August to 1 September 2007.  In 2007, for the first time, Privacy Awareness Week was conducted in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. 

During Privacy Awareness Week a competition was held for the best written piece on what students chose to write on any aspect of privacy.  The winners of the international privacy competition for secondary school students were announced by the Privacy Commissioners of Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Northe...

Lexis Nexis Information Law Conference

The Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff, presented to the Lexis Nexis Information Law Conference in Wellington on 7 June and in Auckland on 21 July - Privacy in the Noughties.  View the speech.

Panel on health cards and smart cards: A cautionary tale from New Zealand (Blair Stewart)

Meeting of Privacy Commissioners with Privacy Contact Officers from NSW and the Commonwealth

The smart card age seems to be a little slow in arriving.
With respect to today's topic – smart cards and health cards – the first thing to report from New Zealand is that we do not have a national health card, ID card or smart card health card.

View the full text of this address (2 pages).

Biometrics Institute "Trans Tasman Standardisation for Biometrics" Conference

Speech by the Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff
Wellington Convention Centre

View the speech.


We tend to think of biometrics as being a recent technological marvel. But biometric technologies are possibly the oldest method of establishing identity. Fingerprints were used in Babylon as seals on clay tablets recording business transactions. More recently, (but still a while ago) they figured in th...