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Blockchain's promise for privacy - 27 February 2018 (Auckland)

Associate Professor Alex Sims of the University of Auckland discusses Blockchain’s Promise for Privacy at our first Auckland PrivacyLive forum.

'Some believe that blockchain technology signals the end of privacy. However, blockchain can be used to protect privacy. Indeed, blockchain promises to provide people with more control over their personal information than they currently have.'

You can view a recording of the event here. 

The presentation's slides are available here.

PrivacyLive events in Auckland are coordinated by our office in partnership with the Privacy Foundation NZ, iappANZ and Auckland Council.

PrivacyLive forum on Encryption - 7 December 2017 (Wellington)


  • John Edwards (Privacy Commissioner) - facilitator
  • Dr Ryan Ko (Cyber security researchers of Waikato)
  • Thomas Beagle (NZ Council for Civil Liberties)
  • Cheryl Gwyn (Inspector General of Intelligence & Security)
  • Ben Creet (Internet NZ)
  • Ian Welch (Victoria University)
  • John Wesley-Smith (Spark NZ)
  • Declan Ingram (CERT NZ)

A panel discussion to promote an informed public debate and wider public discussion about this developing issue particularly in light of international debate about encryption and whether it is impeding law enforcement activities.

You can view a recording of the event here.  

KPMG and OPC Panel on information sharing - 2 November 2017 (Wellington)

This facilitated discussion was held in Wellington on 2 November 2017.  Public sector leaders discussed what is appropriate when sharing personal information. An important part of the conversation was the safeguard and oversight mechanisms necessary to ensure people have confidence that their personal information is being respected.

The panel discussion - which was jointly hosted by KPMG and OPC - encompassed the evolving conversation about the concept of a ‘social licence’ to share people’s information. 

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards facilitated the discussion.

Our panellists were: 

  • Dorothy Adams, Acting Chief Executive, Social Investment Agency
  • Liz MacPherson, Chief Executive, Statistics NZ and Government Statistician
  • James Mansell, Data Scientist and Social Entrepreneur

You can view the recording of the event here.

How we define personal information - 29 March 2017 (Wellington)  Former Assistant Privacy Commissioner Katrine Evans will be exploring some recent developments in how we define personal information when we kick off our PrivacyLive speaker series this month.

Katrine, who joined Hayman Lawyers in 2015, notes the definition of personal information keeps on expanding and expanding. Is browser-generated information personal information? What about metadata produced as part of other digital services? What about anonymised datasets? Is a residential address published online without a name personal information?

Katrine's presentation is available here.

ISO Privacy Standard Development - 6 October 2016 (Wellington) Joanne Knight, Senior Business Adviser, Service Innovation Unit, Department of Internal Affairs.  International Standards Organisation (ISO) develops global standards relating to privacy.  NZ is among a number of countries that have very strong views on privacy, and being able to influence global standards help to ensure they align with our approach.  View the event flyer here.

Body-worn Video cameras and Public Services - 19 September 2016 (Wellington) Professor William Webster, Professor of Public Policy and Management at the University of Stirling will report on recent research to capture a 'picture' of what BWV cameras are being used for in public service environments. View the event flyer here.

Privacy impact assessment in the reformed European data privacy frameworks: Will implementation meet the high expectations? - 1 June 2016 (Auckland) Dariusz Kloza, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Peace Research Institute Oslo and visiting scholar Bond University, Australia: The reforms of European data privacy legal frameworks will introduce a requirement to assess the 'risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals' posed by certain data processing. This talk argued that while this policy choice offered some flexibility and reduced red tape, it satisfied only a few criteria of a desired impact assessment policy. View the presentation slides here. View the event flyer here.

Ransomware – Current State of Play - 10 May 2016 (Wellington) Simon Howard, Director ZX Security: This presentation discussed the current state of play with regard to ransomware and looked at strategies you can employ to reduce your likelihood of being infected. Tools were also discussed for increasing your ability to recover private data in the event you are selected as their next victim. 

What hope for privacy in an Internet of Things (IoT) world? - 9 May 2016 (Wellington) Vikram Kumar, founder of KotahiNet: This talk looked at emerging IoT technologies and their implications for privacy. Previous technology step-changes provide insight into what we can expect in the years ahead. Security is a prerequisite to address privacy. The IoT doesn’t spell doom for privacy if we start paying attention and act now. View the YouTube video of the presentation here

Cyber-Security in New Zealand - 11 September 2015 (Wellington) Una Jagose, Acting Director, Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). View the flyer for further details.

Drones - safety, opportunity and challenges - 6 May 2015 (Wellington)
John Nicholson, General Manager, Aviation NZ and Sam Jennings, Senior Solicitor, Civil Aviation Authority. View the flyer for further details.

Privacy matters to Government: Enhancing performance in the state sector - 4 May 2015 (Wellington): Russell Burnard, Government Chief Privacy Officer. View the flyer for further details.

The Internet of Things, Big Data and the cloud: implications for privacy and trust - 4 May 2015 (Auckland): Russell Craig, Microsoft New Zealand's National Technology Officer. View the flyer for further details. View the presentation.

Bitcoins and Altcoins: privacy in a decentralised world - 24 February 2015 (Wellington): Vikram Kumar is a technologist with a specific interest in the opportunities and challenges of the internet.  Over the past 14 years he has worked for Government (SSC), businesses (Telecom, Mega), not-for-profit (Internet NZ) and a political party.  He is currently a co-founder of Swerl IO Ltd, a start-up that wants to turn the internet into one giant abstract computer.

ANZ's practical approach to privacy compliance - 21 November 2014 (Wellington): Hannah Johnston is ANZ's Regulatory Affairs Manager and Privacy & Data Protection Compliance Manager.  Hannah joined ANZ in 2011 in the Risk Division and has worked in a variety of compliance and regulatory roles. View the powerpoint presentation.

Changing names and identity fraud - 22 September 2014 (Wellington): Joanne Knight is a Senior Business Adviser in the Digital Transformation unit of the Department of Internal Affairs.  She was heavily involved in the development of NZ's Evidence of Identity Standard and is currently the custodian of the Standard, responsible for its promotion and ongoing development. View the flyer and the powerpoint presentation. View the DIA's Good Practice guidance - For the recording and use of personal names.

Information security: what does 'reasonable' look like? David Shaw is an information security principal consultant with Symantec. He focuses on the business implications of security, risk management, and enterprise security. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Electronics) from the University of Melbourne, is a member of ISACA, the Cloud Security Alliance, and the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). David gave this presentation during Privacy Week 2014 on Monday 5 May in Wellington and on Tuesday 6 May in Auckland. His presentation can be downloaded or viewed here

Rebuilding trust and confidence: ACC’s privacy journey - 20 February 2014 (Wellington) Paul Holmes, Strategic Privacy Manager leading ACC's Privacy Group and Fiona Colman, Principal Advisory in ACC's Privacy Group and ACC's Privacy Officer discussed the impact of the 2011 data breach on ACC. They discussed how the organisation has plotted a new course to ensure the protection of personal information. View the powerpoint presentation. 

Hi-tech talk:  Crypto won't save you either - 5 December 2013 (Auckland) Peter Gutmann, researcher, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland. From games consoles to smart phones, this talk looks at ten years of trying to secure things with crypto that ultimately failed, not through anyone bothering to break it but because it was much easier to just bypass it. View the presentation notes here.

BYOD – privacy and security challenges for organisations - 28 November 2013 (Wellington) Dr Allan Sylvester PhD, MRSNZ and Mr Amitava Sen BCA: Allan and Amit present the findings of Amit’s research with a focus on the privacy and security challenges that introducing BYOD policies and practices is bringing to organisations. View their presentation here.

Responsible Security Vulnerability Disclosure - 25 September 2013 (Wellington) Nick von Dadelszen, Technical Director, Lateral Security: Disclosing security vulnerabilities can be a dangerous business.  While there are systems in place for handling disclosures to most major software companies, the process for disclosing vulnerabilities to local organisations is a lot less discussed. 

The role of the Police National Cyber Crime Centre (NC3) - 25 June 2013 (Wellington) Dr Clifford Clark, 2I/C, Police National Cyber Crime Centre: The National Cyber Crime Centre at New Zealand Police deals with a steady flow of cyber crime incidents. Threats can come from anyone that has an internet connection in any part of the world.  

Cloud computing and your business : How do you make the right choices? - 20 March 2013 (Wellington) and 21 March 2013 (Auckland) Joy Cottle, Operations Manager, Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) and Tim Henwood, Policy Adviser, Office of the Privacy Commissioner. This talk – with presenters from IITP and OPC – will look at how people should approach cloud computing from a privacy standpoint, as well as what IITP’s code means for users.

Privacy in the Age of Smart Phone - How secure is your mobile device? - 26 September 2012 (Wellington) Simon Howard, Security Consultant - IntuiSec Limited, IT Security: All the cool kids these days have smart phones. This talk will cover privacy issues with mobile phones, implications for your organisation, and tips to ensure that your private data remains private. Simon Howard has worked in the IT industry for over a decade with a special focus on information security in the past eight years. 

Linking data across government : Statistics NZ's integrated data infrastructure (IDI) - How Statistics NZ maintains privacy in large scale data integration projects - 28 June 2012 (Wellington) - Guido Stark, Project Manager, Integrated Data Infrastructure, Statistics NZ.  Statistics NZ has created an Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) to enable linking of large scale data across government.  The IDI contains longitudinal micro-data about individuals, households and firms.  By bringing together many datasets into one infrastructure, the IDI allows for longitudinal analysis across education, employment, migration, welfare and business, with potential for further datasets to be added and linked in future. View the powerpoint presentation.

A graphic expression for privacy and identity claims - 20 June 2012 (Auckland) Clark Thomborson, Professor of Computer Science, University of Auckland. Many privacy and identity claims can be expressed in a "social identity graph". In drawing the graph we consider a group of individuals (x) we have some knowledge about. We then classify and examine the relationships (x) has with others, and consider who communicates with, has control over, or is controlled by (x). View a pdf of the powerpoint presentation. 

DIA i-Govt services - Privacy by Design - 4 April 2012 (Wellington) When it comes to people's identity information, privacy and security are vital to any new technology. The Department of Internal Affairs' Identity & Data Services (IDS) unit is working both to encourage people to protect their identity information and to enable them to use it more conveniently. This presentation will discuss IDS's work on igovt services and the Data Validation Service, the challenges involved and how privacy has impacted and enabled the design. Presenters: Helen Coffey is the Engagement Manager for IDS; Sharon Dilks is Manager of the Data Access Services team within IDS. Sharon is also Operations Manager for the igovt logon service and Katy Nicholls is running the IDS work to increase people's awareness of identity crime and to give people tools and information to protect themselves.

Social Networking Services: An Assessment of Ethical Information Handling - 10 November 2011 (Wellington) Tony Hooper, Senior Lecturer and the Director of the Master of Information programme with the School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington. Tyrone Evans, Project Manager who recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business and Information Systems from Victoria University of Wellington. His interest in this topic grew from his research work with Tony Hooper into privacy issues in social network websites. Tony and Tyrone talked about their study into social networking services business behaviour and privacy. The purpose of their study was to examine the extent to which social networking services websites conform to the national values on the rights of individuals to information privacy.

Leveraging Policies for Data Loss Prevention - 26 July (Auckland) and 28 July 2011 (Wellington) Tobie Marais, Senior Technical Consultant, Chillisoft, will update us about the evolving risk landscape, especially the increasing use of portable storage devices, social networking sites and other mediums. He will explain how good policy can assist in managing risk, and review some real-world data leakage horror stories and related technology challenges and solutions. View his powerpoint.

Sensible Sensors: Privacy and smart sensor technologies - 5 and 6 May 2009 - (Wellington and Auckland) held in conjunction with Privacy Awareness Week - Sensors collect information about people and things. The data collected can be about facts such as temperature and location. Data can also be about identity and even about human behaviour. The technology is getting smaller, smarter, and we're beginning to find sensors 'everywhere'. How will these new technologies affect our Privacy?Speakers from IBM, Times-7, Geospatial Research Centre and Vodafone (Wellington) and from IBM, Vodafone, consultants from the CCTV and RFID industries (Auckland).

Cloud Computing and Privacy - 20 November 2008 (Auckland) Nat Torkington, founding blogger for O'Reilly Radar, will speak about the cloud and ubiquitous computing, and say how the last 10 years of Internet use is leading to a world in which we will seamlessly connect to the cloud through a miriad of consumer devices and services - our mobile phones, personal sensors, fridges, media centres, cars, road and public transport, and many more. Nat will explore this world, and look ahead to the next 10 years to begin a discussion around the privacy problems that these changes may create.

Cloud Computing and Privacy - 1 October 2008 (Wellington) A presentation by Scott Houston from Intergrid. Scott explains how cloud computing works, and opens a discussion about its impact on privacy. (Click here to view his presentation).

Presence and Convergence in future (tele)communications - 28 May 2008 (Auckland) Ralph Chivers, CEO Telecommunications Carriers' Forum and Paul Dolley, Unified Communications Solutions Specialist, Microsoft NZ.

OpenID Enabled New Zealand - 28 April 2008 (Wellington) Marek Kuziel describes how technology works and then looks at how OpenID aims to maintain trust and protect privacy. (Click here to view his presentation).

Concepts of privacy in Japan and New Zealand - 5 December 2007 (Wellington) Rowena Cullen, Associate Professor in the School of Information Management at Victoria University of Wellington. (Click here to view her powerpoint presentation). To see her presentation, http://hdl.handle.net/10063/236.

Biometrics: the identity panacea (100% accurate - yeah right!) - 31 October 2007 (Wellington) - Laurence Edge, IT Architect with Resultex and former Head of Architecture at the UK Criminal Records Bureau. (Click here to view his slide presentation).

Logon! All-of-government Authentication and Privacy - 12 September 2007 (Wellington)

Vikram Kumar, Manager, programme Strategy with the Authentication Programme at SSC, says why he believes that government's got it right.

Privacy & Technology in the 21st Century - 28 August 2007 (Wellington)

This focused on current technology problems and possible solutions with two panels leading the discussions.

Testing Databases: Protecting Data Privacy - 6 June 2007 (Wellington)

'Current fears about data privacy within databases and computers from hackers and internal misuse.'
Russell Allen

From credit cards, to mobile phones and the internet ... Consumers choose convenience over privacy - 28 March 2007 (Wellington)

'New Zealand research by Anne Yau as part of a Master in Information Management'
Anne Yau (Click here to view the presentation).

A day in the (digital) life - 23 February 2007 (Auckland)

'Tom and Rob explored the impact of digital identity on daily lifestyle'
Tom Glover and Rob Inskeep, Research & Venturing, Telecom NZ

Defending Data and Protecting Privacy - 5 December 2006 (Wellington)

'Access in the corporate environment'
Michael Burling, Oracle Corporation

'Online Privacy in a hierarchic relationship'
Dr Judit Bayer, Victoria University of Wellington

CCTV Captures Manukau! - 28 November 2006 (Auckland)

'Taming video surveillance and valuing privacy'
Helena Numa, Manukau City Council & Bill Groves, Groves Consulting

A day in the (digital) life - 21 September 2006 (Wellington)

'Tom explored the impact of digital identity on daily lifestyle'
Tom Glover, Emerging Technology & Services, Telecom NZ

Fraudsters Online: Beating the Bandits - 3 May 2006 (Wellington)

'Trade Me's approach to fraud, policing, and compliance in an online environment'
Mike O'Donnell, TradeMe

'Electronic Armed Hold-up'
Maarten Kleintjes, New Zealand Police

Who Monitors the Monitors? - 1 March 2006 (Wellington)

'Who Monitors the Monitors? - CCTV Systems and their Implementation'
Bill Groves, Kea-Groves Consultants

Inside the Panopticon: Privacy, Government and Trust - 23 November 2005 (Wellington)

'In-Progress Report - the relationship between privacy and trust'
Patrick Reilly, United States Fulbright Fellow, Victoria University of Wellington

"The 'Travel Panopticon' travel data privacy"
Eamon Daly, PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury

Online Census and Privacy Implications, Statistics New Zealand - 6 October 2005 (Wellington)

'The 2006 census is the first time that New Zealanders will have the opportunity to complete the form online.' The presentation highlights how some of the privacy issues associated with the online form are managed.
Nancy McBeth, General Manager, 2006 Population Census, Statistics New Zealand

The Keys to Helping Stop Online Spam and Scams - 16 August 2005 (Wellington)

The speaker discussed Microsoft's approach to Internet safety and their '...efforts to address issues such as anti-spam and anti-phishing for customers through a holistic approach to technology, standards, public policy and enforcement.'

Ryan Hamlin, General Manager, Microsoft Technology Care & Safety Group