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Privacy for agencies

Annual Report

Purpose: To verify, by comparing details with the Births, Deaths and Marriages registers, whether a person is eligible for a passport, and to detect fraudulent applications.

BDM disclosure to Passports (DIA): Possible matches from the Births, Deaths and Marriages (relationships) databases are displayed to Passports staff as they process each application. The details displayed include full name, gender and date of birth.

Compliance: Compliant.

Technical Information

Information matching provision Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Act 1995, s.78A
Year authorised 2001
Year commenced 2003
Programme type Confirming eligibility
Detecting illegal behaviour
Online transfers Yes

System description
Passports staff enter information provided on application forms into the passports processing system, KIWI. This automatically conducts birth and death checks.  Marriage checks and applications that cannot be processed through KIWI because of functionality limitations are processed using the older OLEV (On-line Live Event Verification) system.

For searches of the births and marriages entries, confirmation allows application processing to proceed. Where there is doubt, cases can be referred to BDM staff for resolution. If there appears to be a match with an entry from the register of deaths, the processing of the passport application is halted and the application referred for investigation of possible fraud.

Notices of adverse action are sent when Passports staff cannot satisfactorily match the information supplied to the appropriate birth, death, marriage or relationship record. Almost all of these are resolved by contacting the applicant for clarification.

Annual audits of the process are conducted to give assurance that the matching programme is operated in compliance with the Privacy Act 1993.  Reporting of these statistics to give context to the audit reports was commenced in 2008/09.

Recent activity

  2011/12  2012/13  2013/14  2014/15 2015/16
Passport applications 608,007 632,906 650,242 650,783 674,956
Possible matches: Births 1,343,713 1,777,189 1,865,118 1,055,191 1,010,043
Possible matches: Marriage / Relationships 102,893 91,904 84,317 80,773 77,611
Possible matches: Deaths 2,487,321 3,257,715 3,379,162 2,160,204 2,337,907
Notice of adverse action 6,523 5,310 4,605 3,505 2,774
Successful challenges 6,481 5,070 4,468 3,475 2,742
Passports issued (diplomatic, official and standard) 603,765 615,584 638,990 652,131 658,802

The difference between the number of applications and the number of passports issued primarily reflects applications that are being processed when statistics were compiled.