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Annual Report

Purpose: To verify a person's eligibility to hold a New Zealand passport from citizenship register information.

Citizenship (DIA) disclosure to Passports (DIA): Possible matches from the Citizenship database are displayed to Passports staff as they process each application. The possible matches may involve one or more records. The details displayed include full name, date of birth, country of birth and the date that citizenship was granted. 

Compliance: Compliant.

Technical information

Information matching provision Citizenship Act 1977, s.26A
Year authorised 2001
Year commenced 2003
Match type Confirming eligibility
Detecting illegal behaviour
Unique identifiers Citizenship person ID
Online transfers Yes

System description
This programme is used to verify the eligibility of people for a New Zealand passport based on citizenship by grant or descent. It mirrors the BDM/DIA(P) Passport Eligibility Programme.

Passports staff attempt to confirm information provided on the passport application with that in the Data Aggregation Layer (DAL), as extracted from the citizenship register. Confirmation allows processing to continue. If the information cannot be confirmed, the file may be referred to Citizenship staff for resolution.

Notices of adverse action are sent when Passports staff cannot satisfactorily match the information supplied to the appropriate Citizenship record. Almost all of these are resolved by contacting the applicant for clarification.

The difference between the number of applications and the number of passports issued primarily reflects the number of applications being processed when statistics were compiled.

Recent activity

  2011/12  2012/13  2013/14  2014/15 2015/16
Passport applications 608,007 632,906 650,242 650,783 674,956
Possible matches to Citizenship records 573,136 488,459 345,509 294,834 289,456
Notice of adverse action (arising from failure to match) 744 855 1,183 941 841
Successful challenges 738 815 1,146 928 838
Passports issued (diplomatic, official and standard) 603,765 615,584 638,990 652,131 658,802