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Privacy for agencies

Annual Report

Purpose: To enable the Ministry of Health to determine an individual's:

  • eligibility for access to publically funded health and disability support services; or
  • liability to pay for publically funded health and disability support services received.

MoH disclosure to INZ: MoH sends names, date of birth and NHI number to INZ for matching.

INZ disclosure to MoH: INZ provides names, gender, birth date, nationality, visa or permit type and start and expiry dates, and dates the person entered or left New Zealand. INZ may also disclose details of a parent or guardian of a young person.

Compliance: Compliant.

Technical Information

Information matching provision Immigration Act 2009, s300
Year authorised 2010
Year commenced 2011
Programme type Confirming eligibility
Unique identifiers National Health Index

System description
Two sets of records are sent for matching. These are extracted from the Enrolment Registers sent to MoH by Public Health Organisations (PHOs) to claim payments.

One set comprises records from particular providers, subcontracted to a PHO. The records are selected to enable a review of the capitation funding provided to those practices ('Schedule 1').

The second set comprises randomly selected entries from across all PHO Enrolment Registers ('Schedule 2').

MoH send the selected records to INZ to be matched. INZ returns any relevant immigration information. MoH then filters the matched records according to various eligibility criteria. Further action is only taken when people are identified as ineligible.

Although the direct relationship is between the PHO and the patients, to simplify the process for the PHOs under investigation, MoH sends letters to people who appear to be ineligible for the public funding to give them the opportunity to provide evidence of eligibility. This constitutes notice of adverse action under section 103.

If the patient is not able to provide evidence of eligibility, MoH advises the PHO and requests that it remove the ineligible person from the Enrolment Register and make no further claim for capitation payment for that person.

Recent activity







Records sent for matching






Records matched






Notices of adverse action






Successful challenges

(wrongly matched)







(error in application of eligibility criteria)






 * at 30 June 2014, the majority of notices were still to be sent out.
** No new records were sent for matching while MoH dealt with the matches returned in June 2014.