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Annual Report

Purpose: To identify people who qualify for a Community Services Card (CSC) based on their level of income and number of children.

IR disclosure to MSD: For individual tax payers who have received Working for Families Tax Credits (WfFTC), IR provides MSD with the full name, address, annual income and IRD number of the primary carer (and partner if any), the number of children in their care and dates of birth, and the annual amount of WfFTC.

Compliance: Compliant.

Technical information

Information matching provision Tax Administration Act 1994, s.83
Year authorised 1991
Year commenced 1992
Programme type Confirming eligibility
Identifying unclaimed entitlement
Unique identifiers Tax file number

System description
IR provides a fortnightly extract of individual taxpayers who have received family support tax credits. The data is transferred on an encrypted USB 'Ironkey' which is hand delivered or sent by registered courier.

The IR file is matched against the MSD system SWIFTT and, for valid matches, the total income information provided by IR to MSD is checked against the income entitlement limits for the CSC. The income limits vary depending upon the number of dependent children. IR records that do not match SWIFTT records are ignored.

Existing holders of a CSC whose continuing eligibility is confirmed in this match, receive a renewal flag on their SWIFTT file, so that a new card is automatically generated when the existing card expires.

Existing holders of a CSC whose eligibility is not confirmed by this match are sent a letter advising that the holder appears now to be over the income limit and so their current card will not be renewed automatically (s103 notice).

Beneficiaries who are identified in this match as being potentially eligible and who are not currently holding a CSC are sent a letter advising that they appear to be eligible and enclosing an application form in case they wish to apply.

Recent activity

  2011/12  2012/13  2013/14  2014/15 2015/16
Runs 50 50 50 48 51
Records received for matching[1] 1,741,502 1,585,655 1,564,945 1,470,925 1,500,118
CSC Cards automatically renewed[2] 205,451 171,541 155,217 117,387 131,763
'Invitation to Apply' forms sent out 91,696 85,899 92,845 88,153 90,791
Notices of adverse action 24,152 20,577 20,123 19,381 19,500
Challenges 136 59 36 17 2
Challenges upheld 96 59 34 15 1

[1] Includes changes in income requiring their eligibility be reassessed.
[2] These figures do not include cards automatically issued to students based upon a match between Studylink and Work and Income.