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Privacy for agencies

Annual report

Purpose: To identify people who have sold more than six motor vehicles in a 12-month period and are not registered as motor vehicle traders.

NZTA disclosure to MBIE: NZTA provides MBIE with the full name, date of birth and address of all individuals or entities who have sold more than six vehicles in a 12-month period.

MBIE disclosure to NZTA: MBIE provides NZTA with the full name, date of birth, address and trader unique identifier of new motor vehicle traders so that these traders are excluded from future programme runs.

Compliance: Compliant. 

Technical information

Information matching provision Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003, ss.122 and 123
Year authorised 2003
Year commenced 2008
Programme type Detecting illegal behaviour
Unique identifiers Motor vehicle trader file number
On-line transfers Yes

System description
Each month, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) sends MBIE, by SEEMail online transfer, a file of all individuals or entities who have sold more than six vehicles in a 12 month period. NZTA maintains a record of registered traders (through MBIE providing monthly registered trader updates to NZTA) so that transfers to MBIE exclude individuals or entities already registered as Motor Vehicle Traders. 

MBIE manually compares the NZTA data with its Motor Vehicle Traders Register to identify unregistered individuals and companies. Before MBIE issues a s.103 notice to an individual[1] whom it believes should register as a motor vehicle trader, it requests the following additional information from NZTA in relation to each vehicle:

  • registration plate number
  • VIN and chassis number
  • details of sale/transfer of ownership (e.g. name and address of seller and buyer)
  • odometer reading.

If following the review of the extra information received, it appears that the individual or entity should be registered, MBIE sends a s.103 notice (notice of adverse action) requesting registration within 10 working days, or an explanation to the Registrar about why the individual or entity does not need to be registered.  Failure to respond to the notice may result in a referral to the Registrar’s National Enforcement Unit for possible prosecution under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act.

MBIE also access the file from NZTA to conduct manual look-ups if a complaint is received. The person who performs the information matching programme is authorised to perform the look-up on behalf of all other investigating staff. A privacy register is maintained to record details of each access to NZTA data for complaints purposes, and a summary report of this activity is provided to this Office.

Recent activity

   2011/12 2012/13  2013/14  2014/15 2015/16
Match runs 2 11 9 10 4
Records received for matching 4,808 27,837 18,370 3,000 1,678
Individuals or entities of interest identified 139 585 731 887 873
Notices of adverse action sent (includes second notices) 139 980 1,059 1,203 1,052
Successful challenges: Entities: registered under another name 4 14 22 21 23
Entities: primary purpose not financial gain 31 104 375 23 175
Entities referred to the Registries Integrity and Enforcement Unit 0 167 149 162 376
Registrations as a result of notices of adverse action 22 54 32 70 60

MBIE Privacy Register - Customs and NZTA Data Accesses

There have been no reported accesses to Customs or NZTA data since the 2007/08 period.

[1] For administrative convenience, and for the benefit of corporate persons, a notice is sent to the matched entity whether they are an individual or a corporate body such as a company or a trust. The statistics reported for this match include both individuals and other entities.