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Annual Report

Purpose:  To enable birth information to be confirmed in order to allocate an IRD number to a new-born child.  

BDM disclosure to IR: The information includes the child's full name, sex, citizenship status and birth registration number.  Additionally, the full name, address and date of birth of both mother and father are provided.  

Compliance: Compliant. 

Technical information

Information matching provision

Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Act 1995, S.78A

Year authorised


 Year commenced


Programme type

Updating data

Eligibility for entitlement

Unique identifiers

Birth registration number

System description

This programme enables Inland Revenue to allocate an IR number to a new born child whose identity has been established, and where the applicant has requested an IRD number for that child as part of the information collected by DIA during the birth registration application process. 

In near real time, DIA send by secure online file transfer information extracted from the birth registration form including the child’s full name, sex, citizenship status and birth registration number. Additionally, the full name, address and date of birth of both mother and father are provided. 

The transferred information is held by IR in a secure network folder. IR compares the child’s surname, first name and date of birth provided by DIA against its own records. Where there is no match IR staff will create an IRD number record for the child.

The IRD number registration process requires recording the reference number of the identity document used to verify the identity of each new person record. In the case of children, the birth registration record is the only identity record available for them.

At the point of creating a new IRD record, if the identity reference number is a duplicate of one used previously, the record will not be created. 

Recent activity

  2013/14 2014/15 2015/16
Requests for IR number via birth registration process 49,950 55,712 55,998
IR number records created 49,950 55,712 55,998
Records not created Nil Nil Nil