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Privacy for agencies

Welcome to the web-page of the Privacy Officers' Round Table, or PORT for short.

PORT is a voluntary, self-managing group of privacy officers (or personnel working in that field) in both public and private sector organisations. PORT provides members with an opportunity to network and informally discuss issues or trends in the privacy and information management areas - encompassing aspects of all the relevant legislation, such as the Privacy Act, Health Information Privacy Code, and the Official Information Act. PORT was established in 2005 as an initiative facilitated by the Privacy Commissioner.

PORT members are based all over New Zealand with meetings held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Members come from a range of sectors including: central and local government agencies; the banking and financial, communications, energy, and health sectors; and non-profit organisations. People from any public and private agency, in the role of privacy officer or associated position, are welcome to be part of PORT.

At the meetings, members share current privacy issues that their organisations are involved in (ensuring that no personal details are disclosed, of course), as well as discuss the various privacy policies and approaches of their organisations.

Some meetings include a guest presenter and discussions about recent Human Rights Review Tribunal decisions.

Auckland PORT
Auckland PORT meets quarterly. The meeting venue varies according to which member is hosting the meeting.

Auckland PORT members are mostly from the banking and financial sector, insurance, health and education sectors, but we encourage and welcome people in privacy related roles from all sectors and organisations to join.

If you are interested in coming to an Auckland PORT meeting, or for further information, please contact Rebecca (Bec) Holdsworth at Bec.Holdsworth@vodafone.com.

Wellington PORT
Wellington PORT usually meets each quarter at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Wellington members are mostly in the public sector but anyone in a privacy-related role is welcome to join in.

If you are interested in coming to a Wellington PORT meeting, being added to the distribution list, or simply want further information, please contact Lee.Patton@mbie.govt.nz.

If there is a topic or speaker you think the group would be interested in, or you have any other ideas for Wellington PORT, please let Lee know.

South Island Privacy Network
The South Island Privacy Network is a network of privacy officers based in the South Island. The network provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and discuss relevant developments in the world of privacy and information management.

If you are interested in joining the network, or for further information, please contact Gareth Abdinor at gareth.abdinor@malley.co.nz.

Note: PORT is group of individuals and therefore not affiliated to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. PORT acknowledges, though, the Office's assistance with the delivery of this web page.