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Your rights

This hub has all the information you need about privacy complaints.

An outline of the complaints process

What we can do: The law gives our investigators certain powers, and also prevents us from doing certain things. Take a look at this page to see how we can help you you during an investigation. 

The complaint process: Privacy complaints have a few different stages. This page briefly explains each stage so you can see where your complaint is in the process. 

Useful stories: This selection of cases gives a good idea of what kind of issues we deal with, and what kind of outcomes you may be able to expect. 

SettlementsA quick summary of how settlements work, and what they may involve (usually an apology). 

How to make a complaint: this page shows you how to make a complaint, and what information you will need to make a privacy complaint.

OPC Procedures Manual : Dispute Resolution and Investigations 
View our Procedures Manual (updated January 2018) which details our investigation processes.  Please note that this is a living document and is liable to change.