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Your rights

These are the six main stages of a privacy complaint.

You can settle a complaint at any point in this process. We also may stop investigating at any point in this process. Here are the reasons we may stop investigating. 

Stage Description
Preliminary call This is where we establish whether your circumstances are covered by the Privacy Act, and if we will be investigating. 
Facilitation  This is where we establish exactly what we will be investigating. 
Notification This is where we tell the agency that we are investigating it, and which aspects of the Privacy Act we are investigating. We also give the agency a chance to comment. 
Investigation This is the main information-gathering process. It may involve speaking to people involved in the case, looking at information or bringing in experts.

We will be looking for answers to two questions: whether there was a breach of one of the information privacy principles, and, if so, if it caused harm.  
Preliminary view This is a letter with our view of which privacy principles were breached (if any), and how much harm we think that breach caused (if any). 

We may send this to you or the agency for comments. 
Final view This short letter is the last step in the process. In most cases, it will simply tell you that the investigation is over.