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Beware the phishers Charles Mabbett
9 February 2017


The salutation on the email simply said “Hi”. It arrived at 4.36am on a public holiday in the inbox of a public facing email address, and it appeared to have been sent from a personal email address belonging to the organisation’s chief executive.

Breach Cases 1: Name your documents clearly Neil Sanson
8 February 2017

Japan road sign 510 Safety Speed svg

It is so easy to send the wrong attachment with an email, especially if the documents you are selecting to attach are not clearly and distinctly named. We see this type of breach fairly regularly so we thought we’d highlight it in this post.

Nurses data breach: what happened and how to get help Charles Mabbett
2 November 2016


If you’re one of the thousands of New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) members whose names and email addresses were accidentally disclosed to a criminal third party, you might be wondering what you can do about it. The first thing you need to do is to try and understand what happened and what the risks are to you.

Secure email for health information Sebastian Morgan-Lynch
19 April 2016


Fast, accurate and complete information flows in the health sector are vital for all of us. If your doctor doesn’t have a particular test result, prescription or diagnosis, it might endanger your safety or even your life. Because of this, medical communication systems have tended to prioritise simplicity and speed over innovation and security. 

Staying safe online in 2016 Becci Whitton
27 January 2016

common buzzard

Does working at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner make you paranoid? Well, it’s not quite that bad, but a New Zealand Herald article about cybercrime and identity theft prompted me to think about the number of my online profiles that use, or are linked to, my real identity.

Help! I’ve just hit Send and realised my error! JLB
13 November 2015


Have you ever hit Send in your email program and have a heart sickening, uh-oh moment? Did you address the email correctly or attached the right document?

Is it wrong to send personal emails to work addresses? Charles Mabbett
15 September 2014

Change outlook setting

Is it acceptable for a lawyer acting for a client to send a very private communication to a work email address of the other party?

Outlook’s email trap for the unwary JLB
22 August 2014

email edit

Many an email has gone to the wrong recipient because a sender has unwittingly accepted an incorrect auto-complete entry. For this reason, like many others, we encouraged all our users to disable auto-complete.