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Annual Report

Purpose: To identify, from immigration records, those on the electoral roll who appear not to meet New Zealand residence requirements, so their names may be removed from the roll. 

INZ disclosure to EC: Immigration New Zealand provides full names (including aliases), date of birth, address and permit expiry date. The type of permit can be identified because five separate files are received, each relating to a different permit type.

Compliance: Compliant.

Technical information

Information matching provision Electoral Act 1993, s.263A
Year authorised 1995
Year commenced 1996
Programme type Confirming eligibility
Detecting illegal behaviour

System description
The Electoral Commission uses the Electoral Enrolment Centre (EEC) to process this match. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) sends the EEC daily files containing the names (including aliases), date of birth, address and permit expiry date of all people known to be in New Zealand on the basis of limited duration residence permits or visas, or who are believed to be overstayers. EEC matches applications for enrolment against this information and, if a match is found, contacts the applicant by phone where possible to discuss their eligibility. A letter is still sent to confirm the conclusion reached during the phone call.

Recent activity

  2011/12   2012/13 2013/14  2014/15 2015/16
Records received for matching 207,766 215,881 232,452 262,550 276,063
Possible matches identified 1,502 728 938 1,165 877
Notices of adverse action sent 1,202 728 938 1,165 877
Challenge received 54 17 21 31 20
Successful challenges 45 16 15 25 20
Removals from roll 1,457 * * * *
Cost $13,856 $3,030.45 $4,626.00 $3,174 $3,705
Average cost per removal $9.51 * * * *

This match was not run in 2002/03 or 2003/04 as no election (national or local) was scheduled and the match was only run immediately in advance of an election.

In 2008/09 EEC increased the frequency with which they obtained the data from INZ to keep the roll as correct as practicable. Previously they obtained the data once per year. During 2008/09 extracts were obtained in July, then on a weekly basis between 15 September and 14 November 2008, and lastly in June 2009.

Until 2008/09 EEC checked each matched record with INZ to confirm the match. This check is seen to be no longer as useful as it was. Ceasing to conduct this check during 2008/09 has reduced the cost and administrative overhead of the programme.

In 2009/10 EEC requested approval to receive daily copies of the file via an on-line transfer system. This daily transfer commenced on 14 February 2010.

* In August 2011 the legislation was amended to allow the match to take place before people are added to the roll (previously the check could only occur after the person had been added to the roll).

INZ was previously known as New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS).