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Why you won't get a legal "opinion" from Enquiries Karin Carter
11 October 2016

the law

Callers to our Enquiries service often start with “I need some legal advice”. If the caller means guidance on his or her Privacy Act rights or the obligations of an agency, then we can help. But if by “legal advice” he or she means a legal “opinion” about how the Privacy Act might apply, then this is something our Enquiries service can’t do.

Loose lips sink ships Marilyn Andrew
22 March 2016


Talking is an important part of our everyday activity - particularly in the workplace. Morning greetings, general chit-chat with colleagues while getting a cuppa, video conferences, and discussing all manner of things to ensure a successful and quality productive day.  I certainly do a lot of talking in my role as enquiries officer.   

Coming to a place near you Charles Mabbett
7 March 2016

plate 238 great marbled godwit

We make regular visits to the regions to meet people, discuss our work and find out how we can help. It is part of our public affairs and education outreach programme.

The value of a phone call Hayley Forrest
12 January 2016

Phone image

Digital communication is ubiquitous: a hair salon sends you text messages reminding you of appointments; movie tickets are booked through apps on your phone – and you wave a card in the air to pay for groceries. Our expectations might be that our health records can be also be swiftly and easily transferred.

Working the enquiries line Karin Carter
6 October 2015

Artic Tern

Talking to people about how their personal information is collected, kept, used, and disclosed, and the impact it can have when something goes wrong, has put privacy in a new perspective for me – especially now that I deal with privacy matters every day.