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Viewing entries tagged with 'security'

Employee browsing is a no-no Abigail Vink
25 November 2016

employee browsing

Have you ever been tempted to search your company’s database for information about your colleagues’ pay, promotions, employment disputes or performance?  Or perhaps you have access to client databases which contain juicy information about customers’ purchase history and financial situation? Humans are inherently curious beings, but be aware that browsing other people’s private information is against the law.

Fancy Bears hack shows spear phishing threat Charles Mabbett
7 October 2016

fancy bear2

Nobody likes their health information being made public. But for Olympic athletes, this has become an occupational hazard as allegations of cheating and the use of performance-enhancing drugs are exchanged between those found to be guilty and those who are clean.

Making stronger passwords Charles Mabbett
5 July 2016

hulk by ablackinkartist d7vvbwf

If ‘open sesame’ was a password, just remember how in the tale of Ali Baba it didn’t work out so well for the 40 thieves and their treasure trove. Consider then how well an easy-to-guess password will protect yours.

GCSB director on surveillance, oversight and CORTEX Charles Mabbett
2 October 2015

Vincents 2

The GCSB does not undertake mass surveillance of New Zealanders. It was a message that the acting head of New Zealand’s foreign intelligence agency, Una Jagose, reiterated in Wellington this week, as well revealing details about the Bureau’s cyber-security work.

Customs, passwords and smartphones (oh my!) Tim Henwood
14 July 2015


There’s been a bit of murmuring on Twitter over the past couple of days because of this news story:

This kind of pen tester doesn't test pens Neil Sanson
22 December 2014

crest image for Neils blog

Pen testers are the people who hack into websites or systems connected to the internet to test whether they have been securely designed and implemented. Pen test is short for penetration testing and nothing to do with making sure ink flows when required from writing implements.